10 Steps to Mind, Body and Spirit Success
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Your Success is the Sum of Lots of Smaller Things

10 Steps to Success in your Mind, Body and Spirit Goals

If you want any success in your health and happiness, in your ultimate health journey; whatever that is for you, be it weight, feeling happier, changing the current health state that you have and the feelings that you have around that, whether it’s a weight issue, whether it’s success, money, relationships or otherwise, it will always come down to one thing.

As you understand this one thing, you will really start to transform everything.

That one thing is that there is NO ONE THING that changes everything!

There is no quick flick switch.  There is no one answer or one solution to anything that’s going to help you.  It is always going to mean that your success is the sum of simple things you do, small daily habits repeated day in and day out.  

As you repeat those simple daily habits day in and day out, as you start to look back, you create the most phenomenal change in your health, in your lifestyle, it might be in your business, in whatever your goal is that you want to change.

There is no one thing and there is no one person who can ever take the credit for any or all of the changes that you make and that you experience, unless you have literally worked with them all the way along the way to be able to do it.

One thing I will always emphasise in you is that if you have those lightbulb moments when you’re here with me, it’s because they were already there within you as a result of what you've been doing to get this point.  Any of your success is absolutely yours.  This works two ways; when it comes to falling by the wayside and falling off track, that’s also yours to hold onto, and that’s for you to review and decide what you need to do to be able to change that so it doesn’t happen again.

Unless you’ve worked with somebody to put new habits, new routines, and new practices in place all the way through your journey to your ultimate health and success, no one else can take any responsibility for that success other than you because all of the change that you require is right there inside of you.

It’s inside of your heart, inside of your body, and inside of your mind.

You have to get out of the mindset that there is this one thing, one person or that there is a light switch action that changes everything in a moment.

Your success will be a compound effect of really exploring all the things inside of you; touching your heart, tuning in to what your heart needs, being able to implement things that make you laugh and smile every day, exercise, physical activity, adding a little bit of the woo-woo stuff in there to really balance the mind, body, and spirit aspect of you.  As you bring balance to those you create the most incredible transformational changes!

If you can’t get over looking for that one thing, that there’s going to be this one thing that somebody will say or you will experience, then you are setting yourself up for failure.  You’re setting yourself up for the struggle of feeling like, “Why can’t I figure this out?  Why am I not getting the answers?  Why am I not getting the lightbulb moments when it looks like other people are?”

It’s because it’s a journey.

It’s because it’s about embracing that journey to become the image of ultimate health, whatever that looks like for you, and you have to take responsibility for that.  You have to take responsibility for being the change that you desire and deciding to implement those small success habits that will transform your health and your life.  Acknowledge that when you’re feeling better and healthier and happier and more radiant and whatever else health means to you, it’s because you, yes you, have been taking the action that you needed to help you do that, nobody else.  

Coaches can give you information. We can share stuff with you. We can inspire you.

But for you to remain motivated and driven and focused on achieving the action steps that you need to do to reach your goal, that comes from you. It has to be something inside of you that you feel you really want.

What might these actions steps be?

Here are 10 small action steps you can do that make a big difference to your health and life:

  1. Meditation
  2. Exercise
  3. Good nutrition
  4. Sleeping at a regular time
  5. Getting good sleep
  6. Reading personal and spiritual development books
  7. Learning about yourself
  8. Learning about relationships
  9. Energy healing
  10. Putting healthy morning routines into place

I have a toolbox of 20 or 30 things that I can just pick and choose as and when I want them. Things that I’ve learned along the way.

When you realise the power of just knowing that every day in every way you can take some step forward to allow you to have the ultimate health, the ultimate happiness, the joy, the confidence that knowing you’ve got this yourself brings to you, you then have the power.  You can take your power back to be able to be the person you want to be. To be the person you’ve always wanted to be with the health, the happiness, the shape, the size, the confidence, or whatever that is, you’ve got it inside of you.  

People will help you along the way, they may guide you along the way, but your lightbulb moments will come from within you, inside of you.

As soon as you start to understand that there’s no quick fix, and that your health is a result of lots and lots of smaller things, smaller influences, smaller things that you have learnt, smaller action steps that you’ve taken, that’s when you start to realise how far you’ve come on this journey. And not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.

What steps that you've taken today can you celebrate here in the comments?



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