The Extraordinary Power of Talking for Your Ultimate Health Part 2

The Extraordinary Power of Talking for Your Ultimate Health Part 2


The Extraordinary Power of Talking for Your Ultimate Health

Part 2

Hello and welcome back to part 2 of the extraordinary power of talking for your ultimate health. In part 1 we looked at why talking is powerful and how it not talking affects your energy.  Today I want continue on with that.

If you missed the first part of the series, be sure to go here and check it out!

How does not talking have an effect on your energy?


When you are able to sort out that spaghetti in your mind so it’s flowing really nicely, then you are in that place that I like to call 'disk defragment'.  When you have the space where everything is in its right place, everything feels orderly, nice and clear, all the neural pathways are clear in your subconscious and your energy is clear, then of course that allows so much more space for other things to come in.

  • The things that you want.
  • The ideas that you have.
  • The mental space for creation in whatever form that might be.

But also, when you’re able to share with like-minded people, talking allows for inspirational flow in the moment as well. You could be talking to somebody and then all of a sudden you’ve just got a lightbulb moment that you need to go and write down or you need to make a mental note to remember so you can work on it later.

And that’s the beauty of creating mental space by talking, by conversing, by being completely authentic and having deep meaningful conversations. Connecting with people at deeper authentic levels. I hasten to add without judgement, with unconditional acceptance as well.

Manifesting your thoughts:

If you write something down or if you say something out loud, it amplifies the power of your intentions.  If there is something you want and something you are going for, something you want to succeed at, then it really helps you to manifest those thoughts when you speak them out loud. When you say them, when you communicate, when you verbalise them.

My only word of warning with this is it also works for the things you don’t want. If you are spending a lot of time talking about the things that you don’t want in your life, that you don’t like, that you hate, that you detest, the things that bring you down, it will manifest and amplify those manifestations. Make sure you are aware of what you are thinking and saying and writing!

Healing mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds:

If you’re not communicating or you’re not feeling safe to communicate or you’re not able to be completely authentic, it manifests itself as trapped energy. It does the same with emotion. If you’ve felt hurt and you’ve never been able to say something, if you’ve felt jealousy or betrayal and you’ve held it inside, that will manifest itself into pain or discomfort or anxiety, any of those things that are just a way of your body saying something doesn’t feel right and I need you to look at something within yourself to be able to deal with this and heal it.

When you are in a place that you can talk openly, honestly with somebody, it doesn’t have to be related to the situation that you’re thinking of, but somebody that you can just completely be open and honest to say, “This is how it feels inside of me. This is how I feel is coming up inside.” As you do that, the power of releasing that pressure, of releasing those tightly bound trapped emotions and energies and just loosening them off and allowing them to disperse allowing you to feel the lightness and the freedom that comes as a result of that as well.

Being able to appreciate everything around you:

This was one of my biggest turning points in working the muscle of communication and talking and being completely authentic. When you can have somebody or a space where you can talk completely honestly and you have somebody completely listen wholeheartedly, absolutely listen not waiting for the next thing to say, not waiting for the silence so they can say “I did that too" or "me too”; just somebody that’s there to say, “Okay. How is it making you feel? What are feeling? Where are you feeling that?” And asking questions where they are not putting any judgements upon you. They’re not putting their own opinions or perspectives on you but inviting you to bring yours to be seen and heard.  

The power of that makes you feel heard. It makes you feel valued. It makes you feel seen. And that is a beautiful way to invite gratitude and appreciation into your life because it’s such a powerful, overwhelming feeling to have somebody absolutely wholeheartedly listen to you. The feeling and the shifts that brings in your own body as a result of feeling heard, seen, acknowledged, and valued, it is life-changing. It allows you to really build that confidence in yourself that what you do have to say has value. It’s important. It matters. That is a huge building block to building your confidence, building your enoughness, going for what you want, being successful, being wealthy, being healthy, whatever that might be.

Focusing on all you want for your health, your wealth, your happiness, and success:

When we are stuck in our thoughts, when we are not communicating, talking, being completely authentic and honest, we often find ourselves with that mind chatter that’s quite negative, maybe self-sabotaging, and it’s pulling your vibration down. That might be things like, “You can’t do that. Why would you want to do that? Why would somebody want to work with you? Why would you want that amount of money? Why would you think you could lose this amount of weight? Why would you want to get fit? You’ve never done it before; why would you want to do it now?” The trouble is, when we are not communicating that, it stays locked up in our bodies.

Actually what happens is we start to spend most of our time with negative mental chatter going on.  When you don't shift the balance from negative to positive, that means you are starting to focus on all of the things you don’t want.

The Law of Attraction states that when you focus on the things you don’t want, the Universe doesn’t know the difference. It just gives you what you are asking for. If you say you don’t want all this weight, you’re going to get all the weight. If you’re saying you don’t have any money, you won’t have any money.

All of those things that manifest as a result of what you don’t want.

It’s really clear that when you start to reframe the negative things that you say out loud, as well as mentally or written down, into all of the things that you do want, that will raise your vibration and help you to feel amazing, aligned, energised, even if you don’t have exactly what you want yet. It puts you in that space of having it, in the vibration of having it, and you become like a magnet for everything that you want. Although you may not have the ideal weight, the size, the money you want, the business you want, the success that you want, the health that you want, start really changing your language and the way you talk to people into what you do want and what you will have and what you are working towards, because that energy feels completely different!

I want to share something that happened over the weekend for me.

Have you watched 'Collateral Beauty' with Will Smith?

It’s about a guy who is depressed and doing lots of strange things as a result of being depressed. It turns out he lost his daughter when she was six years old. The sequence of events that happened after that were absolutely all around him being in a depressive state, not being happy, not being able to talk to people, not being able to talk about his feelings, not being able to share a single word of how he was really feeling. What happened then is he split up with his wife.  His wife was now running a grief counselling group.  He kept wanting to go and it took him a long time just standing outside of the window watching until he eventually walked in.

It was a whole beautiful sequence of events that he and his wife started to bond again. But he still couldn’t talk about losing his daughter although she was now able to help other people by talking through their grief and talking through their loss.  It flicked to a scene where they were in a restaurant together chatting again and getting to know each other.  His wife described the scene where they were in the hospital and her daughter just died.  There was a lady seated next to her. The lady just said to her, “Make sure you’re always aware of the collateral beauty.”

It just pieced together something huge for me. Fortunately for me, I was sitting next to my husband at the time so we could talk about it.

My life prior to four years ago was all about moving forwards, being a career girl, being positive, being driven, being focused, being very much about recognition and success. I completely resonated with how Will Smith was feeling in that when I lost my sister, for about five months everything got very dark. I couldn’t see the meaning in all of the things I had done prior to that point. I couldn’t see anything that mattered up to that point because I missed out on being with somebody that I loved.  But I didn't know how to communicate those feelings into words because I had never learned how to, so they stayed stored up and started to slowly destroy me from the inside out.

The words “Just be aware of the collateral beauty” allow you to see the most amazing things around you in the world. When you can talk about and you can appreciate those things, you can see how actually in those darkest moments is when the most incredible things are revealed to you.

Those things are love, the time you do have with loved ones, the fact that you wake up every morning, the fact that you have people around you who love you and get you.

You won’t be able to truly appreciate all of those things if you don’t communicate, if you don’t share all of the feelings, not just the amazing and the positive ones, but the ones that maybe make you feel sad and make you feel angry and make you feel those different spectrum of emotions as well.  

My husband was there and it got him as well because he is a father and he totally can resonate with what it might feel like to lose a child.  I had lost a sister.  But we both talked about it openly and honestly.

It was a powerful moment of recognition that actually the journey that evolved for me after losing my sister, is the collateral beauty, the fallout of that.  The beauty that has come from that is you, my online community, what I do for a living now, and what I’m able to do to help other people.

That is collateral beauty in my world. There is nothing more beautiful than talking about this in order to be able to let it come up and be seen to give you permission to do exactly the same thing. I just think there’s immense beauty in being able to be yourself, be authentic, and to be everything that you want to be. It’s in that space that you create where all of you emerges - your gifts, your talents, your skills, your abilities, your personalities, your qualities, every single thing about you can emerge when you’re able to be completely authentic and to be yourself.


Do you have any questions about the power of talking?

Do you have anything you might want to share in a problem-solving mode?  Not from a place that you want to share because you just want to live there and you just want to have the drama and you just want to share it one more time to amplify the drama, but an opportunity for you to release?  An opportunity for you to be able to talk openly, honestly, be listened to, be heard, be seen, be acknowledged, knowing that that’s going to help you to release some of that energy, some of those emotions, some of those feelings.

If you do, we have the amazing Ultimate Health Facebook group, but also reach out privately.  I’m happy to talk with you in a problem-solving mode. In that opportunity to know that there’s something constructive that’s going to help you to move out of the space that you are in.

I hope you have enjoyed this series on the power of talking.

If you have any questions or need to talk, don’t hesitate to contact me here.



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