The Power of Accountability in your Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Success

The Power of Accountability in your Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Success


The Power of Accountability in your Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Success

I can’t wait to share some stuff about accountability with you. It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world. Let me know what you interpret accountability to mean for you and maybe when you offer it to others as well. I’m going to give you six tips today.

Welcome. I’m so happy that you could join me for the mindset mastermind today, which is all about the power of accountability in achieving success with your health and happiness goal, your ultimate health journey.  My vision for the communities I spend time in is to create a community where people can be authentic, to step into their power and feel empowered to be able to make changes to their health on a mind, body, spirit level.  My name is Leila. My background is in fitness and more recently, in the last two to three years, working on the mindset principles using Rapid Transformational Therapy, Rapid Transformational Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Meditations, and energy clearing.  In short, I really love to be able to combine the power of the subconscious with energy whilst adding some physical and structural strategic things in place when people need it on their roadmaps to success, be it goal-setting, accountability, or whether it might be some nutrition, some healthcare, some fitness self-care that they need in place.

What made me think about talking about accountability?

As usual, every now and then something comes up; either it hits me in the face when it comes up in conversation two or three times in a couple of days, and because it’s something that I’m passionate about I certainly have to stop and listen and think, “Why is this showing up? Is this because collectively we maybe need to hear something around this?” When accountability came up in a few different forms over the last week, I decided that this was going to be the topic for the mindset mastermind this week because actually it is super powerful.  As we are are always facing distractions, where lots of health plans go off track, lots of businesses go on the wayside, it doesn’t have to be that way when you have accountability in place, when you have a plan, when you have a strategy that’s going to help you fulfill whatever those goals are that you want for your health, wealth, happiness and success.

What does accountability feel like for you? Does it feel good? Does it feel bad? Does it feel ugly? Is it something that you enjoy? Is it something that you’ve never used before?

I looked up the actual dictionary definition of accountability today just to make sure I wasn’t completely on the wrong line with my interpretation of accountability.

The definition is: The state of being accountable, liable, answerable.

I added my interpretation of the definition of accountability: Holding someone or something accountable for progress - health goals, business growth, fitness goals, and progress in any form and any way. That was my add-on to it.

Hopefully by the end of this blog, you will realise that actually it’s a really powerful thing that is really reassuring as well. There is some incredible energy that goes on in setting accountability in place and having it in place.

One thing is for sure: I have not got to where I am in my health, in my happiness, in my wealth, in my business, without accountability of some form. That might be accountability I have given myself or accountability from a mentor, another healer, or a like-minded friend or buddy. It is the best thing I have ever done that’s helped me to stay on track with my health and happiness goals.

My goals may be very different from yours, but accountability still works in the same powerful way.

What has accountability and putting accountability in place done for me?

  • It’s helped me to lose weight.
  • It’s helped me to improve my mindset.
  • It’s helped me increase my intuitive skills.
  • It’s helped me share my story and be more visible.
  • It’s helped me grow my online community to over 1,000 people.
  • It’s helped me grow my business, and many more things.

It’s really powerful. A really recent example of this is, about three months ago I started a blogging challenge. The blogging challenge has its own Facebook group. Whenever you popped a blog out and it’s published, you put it on that group with the day that you’re on in the challenge. I was doing it every day to start off with, and I really loved that momentum of being able to go in each day and say, “It’s day one, five, ten, twenty, thirty”, and to celebrate on day thirty, that I also decided to continue for the next sixty days going every other day because I loved that accountability that I had, albeit just having to publish something in a Facebook group. Nobody had to read it or acknowledge that I was posting it but it was important to me because I said I was going to do it. It was really powerful because without that Facebook group and without that accountability in place, I probably would have let myself off the hook because it’s not one of the easiest things to do writing a blog regularly, especially every day let alone every other day. It’s something you have to find time for and that you have to schedule in to make sure it happens. I’m really proud of how accountability in those kinds of places, just like this Facebook group, really helps other people to be able to achieve those things as well in a really powerful way.

What are the challenges that we have around accountability?

Often I hear people say, “I wish I could do this myself. You’ve helped me do something that actually I should have been able to do myself.” When we go back to thinking about our subconscious self-talk, it’s important that we look at ourselves with compassion around that because we can be super hard on ourselves. But the truth and the science is, we are hardwired to take the path of least resistance. We’re hardwired to look for the easiest route.

If something we need to do to change our health, our wealth, our happiness, our business or anything requires something that is maybe out of the comfort zone or might require some hard work, some consistency, some effort, then naturally we are going to want to deviate away from that path to one that might be easier which might be doing nothing or staying in the comfort zone or staying small or staying big in terms of weight or fitness. It’s hardwired into us to want to make everything as easy as possible. That means it’s very difficult for us to grow these new roots and tracks to be consistent, to stay accountable, to follow those steps.

When we put accountability in place, whether that is by ourselves or a buddy or a mentor, it really allows us to make everything fall into place in terms of the steps that we take, the progress we make, and the consistency we apply to that, creating that compound effect of massive results over a longer period of time. Sometimes there are also going to be highs and lows in your business or in your health journey or in your life, in your happiness, in your relationships, in every way - mind, body, and spirit.

The key thing is that when you have consistent accountability in place, those accountability systems will be cheering you on when you are low. They’re really going to reassure you, excite you, and keep you high when you are high as well. They allow you to keep that balance of emotions going through the highs and lows and the curveballs of life as well so that you will always be moving forwards in some way. No matter whether it’s slow or fast, you’re going to be moving forwards in one way or another.

Sometimes, we are really good at keeping ourselves accountable. That’s something I have had to practice and I am guessing some of you may have also had to practice as well, to be able to get good at keeping yourself accountable. But in most cases we have some kind of limiting belief, subconscious beliefs or doubts in our way that mean we can’t or don’t stick to anything for long enough to be able to create habits or get results, the things that we want. Therefore, external accountability is really key for you to be able to move forwards with or without working on those subconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs that I just talked about.

One thing I want to clear up around accountability is lots of people think accountability is actually doing, doing, doing and pushing, pushing, pushing.

I feel slightly different about that in that it really is about being. When you re held accountable by somebody or by yourself, having someone to help you tap into your own power and potential, or maybe you are the one that helps other people to do that, but holding you in that power and in that potential until you can tap into it for yourself, until you can grow into your own potential and power, it is so incredibly powerful to have that accountability in place for you to transform your health, your wealth, your happiness, your success in every way. It’s actually not all about the doing but sitting in that space of somebody who can see your potential to be everything you want to be, even if you don’t quite see it yourself yet.

It’s actually very balanced in the feminine-masculine energy in that it aligns your subconscious and your energy together. Accountability helps you to bring those two into a powerful combination to achieve all the things that you want to by changing any of the beliefs that are preventing you from having it, rewiring them into everything that you want, but also allowing your energy to be prepared for that, to allow you to move with ease and flow into those goals that you set yourself.

Accountability – getting accountability, receiving accountability, however that might show up for you – shows you mean business in going for those goals. Whether that is losing weight, training to run for a marathon, growing your business, getting set up in business, whatever that might be, accountability in place for you is telling the Universe “I’m ready. I’m doing this!” It gives that real clear energy of manifestation for you to be able to tap into. Unless you are super-organised, super self-reliant, super disciplined, it’s okay to need accountability. It doesn’t mean you are a weak person. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough in any way. Just remember what I said about the fact that we are hardwired to take the path of least resistance. We are just designed to find the easiest route, and sometimes the easiest route ends up with us doing nothing if it involves us having to go through a little bit of pain or consistency to be able to get to where we need to go.

What are the methods of accountability you can pop in place for your health, wealth, happiness, and success?

With our health, we are talking about all things health-related generally. Whether that’s releasing aches and pains, getting fitter, losing weight, changing your body shape in some way. Whatever that might be, one of the most powerful things you can do accountability-wise is get yourself signed up for something, whether that be a gym membership that you’re going to use, signing up for a class or a course of classes, getting a personal trainer, committing to an event or a competition that means that you have that incentive to continue being consistent towards that goal that you’ve set yourself. Or maybe you just need to tell somebody, to say it out loud rather than it being in your head what you want to do, what your intention is for your health and what you want to change about it and why. As soon as you say something out loud, it takes on a new power, it takes on a new certainty that you are able to change your energy with and shift your energy with.

Somebody in my online group is incredibly powerful at this. You may see this pop up every day that Karen Beasley is incredibly powerful at holding herself accountable within the space of this group.  She does an online journal that offers an entry, her review of the day before and what she intends for her day and how she intends it to be, how she visualises it to be for that current day. When you’re in the group, have a look at that. It is absolutely inspiring to watch her journey of just being consistent every day or every other day, checking in with herself within the group. She knows that people are watching it, she knows that people are reading it, she knows that when we’re commenting, loving it, liking it, we’re there. We might not be there in words but we are watching and we’re noticing her progress. It’s brave, it’s courageous, but it’s allowing her to step into her power and she’s starting to notice the most incredible changes in her life as a result of that. It’s beautiful and magical to see. She’s telling 1,000 other people every day how well she’s doing or what’s not going so well and how she’s looking at that from a curious point of view and see what she can change as well.

Wealth - whether that be manifesting more money, whether that be moving into a career that’s going to allow you to be your own boss, whether that’s having enough self-belief, or whether that be growing your self-belief enough to be able to ask for that pay rise at work that you’re after or go for that job opportunity, promotion, or whatever it might be. My best accountability tip for you here is to get in amongst people who are like-minded, who have a similar mindset around money that’s positive because often that’s a really difficult mindset. Most people have limiting beliefs around money. Surround yourself with those kinds of people online or offline who have similar beliefs around money and the potential to be able to earn as much as you are worth and all of those things that may tie in with you and what you need.

Also, I remember hearing years ago that your income will be the average of the five people closest to you and in your circle. Get involved and get to know people who earn high incomes. Surround yourself with those kinds of people and you will naturally raise your energy and your money ceiling to the average of those people as well. Give yourself that opportunity to be accountable with those people and say, “I want to learn from you. I want to have the mindset you have around money that has allowed you to be this wealthy. Please let me spend some time with you. Let me buy you dinner as I pick your brain.” You might have to be creative with your offer to spend time with them because if you want to grow your money mindset then it’s going to be really key that you allow yourself to get to know people who are really comfortable with money and really abundant with money, to learn what it is they do in their world that allows them to be like that. You may learn some incredible tips from that.

Happiness covers a very broad subject. That might be relationships, it may be your general wellbeing, your self-care routines, whatever it is that makes you happy. When it comes to putting accountability in place for your happiness, I think the biggest accountability tip I can give you here is to share honestly. When you share with somebody or something or somewhere that can hold that space for you to be able to share that information, then the most incredible transformation around doing aligned action, as well as being can really come into your own. You can really embrace your gifts. You can embrace all those things that make you happy. Ask people you trust to have your best interest at heart to pull you up honestly on anything they think that you might need to look at in yourself in more detail for blocks, obstacles, subconscious, fears, and things like that. I emphasise that it’s somebody that you trust to have your best interest at heart because lots of people may not consciously mean it but may not always have your best interests at heart. So, make sure it’s somebody that you know that you are able to have them tell you, “This is happening and I think this might be something for you to look at. How can we look at this?”, and that you would receive that okay from them. It’s key that it feels comfortable for you to say, “I’m okay to look at this because I trust what you say and I trust that if you’re thinking or feeling this about me, then maybe it’s something in me that I do need to look at.”

Success is also a bit of a broad subject. That might be in business, it might be in your health goals, it might be in your fitness goals, it might be in developing your intuitive skills, your self-care routines, in your relationships, or whatever that might be. The best way to hold yourself accountable is, once again, to say it out loud. Be visible. When I say out loud, it could be written as well. Make it visible so it’s not just a thought in your head anymore. It makes it feel much more concrete, much more real, and it allows you to actually think the thought process through. As opposed to it just being an idea that’s stuck in your head, you can start to see how it will flow and how it will maybe move towards that angle that you’re after.

Do something every day towards your success that pushes you out of your comfort zone. That doesn’t mean if you never gotten on an airplane going and doing a sky dive or anything like that; it means just taking little steps that make you feel slightly fearful, slightly out of the comfort zone, slightly heightened. That’s where you start to grow and that’s where you will blossom. That’s where your confidence will increase, your self-belief will increase, and you will start to look back at the things that you used to do in your comfort zone and think, “I used to get anxious doing those things.” Whereas actually now you can do lots of other things beyond that as well.

A great example of this is when I did my very first Facebook challenge in the group. I was stressed, worried, and anxious. I had put so much work into it. Actually, it was the most incredible experience I have ever done within this group. However, at the end of it I was drained because of being so out of my comfort zone.  Since that time, the things I have done in this group, the challenges, the group programs, the coaching, all of these things that are out of the comfort zone, make that challenge pale in significance now. I look back and I think, “I could do that again. I could do that a million times over.” Whereas at the time it felt really scary.

If you’ve got a Facebook group and that idea of a challenge scares you, then you need to make steps towards that because that’s where you’re going to grow and that’s where the next level and the next will come until you won’t recognise how capable you are as a person. I’ve put that story in business but of course it applies to your goals. If you’ve never run a marathon before, that’s going to be a big scary goal. Break it down into a 5K, a 10K, etc. until you’re up to half marathon and a marathon. It may be with your health. If it feels like losing six stone is way scary at the moment, break it down into the halves or even smaller than that, and chip away at it. They will all be out of the comfort zone but as soon as you look back you will suddenly realise how incredibly you did to be able to overcome any of the obstacles in your way.

Finally, accountability within the success is to be reliable and be consistent. That is something that you may need some outside accountability for if you’re not able to really implement that yourself right now. Don’t be afraid to reach out in the group if you need that kind of accountability.

Here are my six best practices for accountability:

1.    Make sure that whatever you set in place accountability-wise, you are doing it for you. You are not doing it to please anybody else or to reinforce that you’re good enough to anybody else. Make sure you are doing it for you and you alone. That way it is powerful. Your goals are meaningful. They’re going to really make you want to wake up in the morning and take action. They may even make you cry when you think about those reasons that you have for wanting to achieve those things.

2.    Buddy up with somebody you know who might be on a similar journey or at a similar level or maybe slightly further ahead as well. You can have that opportunity to really hold each other accountable whilst knowing that each of you can be honest. Let’s say with health and fitness: If you start disappearing from the gym when you’ve been going three times a week and you start going once a week or once every other week, you’ve got a buddy who will hold you accountable and say, “Where were you?” They will pull you up when you are down and you will be able to pull them up when they’re down as well. It’s a really powerful combination to have a buddy.

3.    Invest in a coach. Get yourself somebody. One thing for a fact is when you invest in something financially, you really get committed. There is no doubt about the change in mindset and shift that happens when you’ve actually paid for something that holds you accountable. It’s really powerful.

4.    Set powerful intentions. I said to set these out loud but also writing is really powerful. Here’s a great tip: Every month in the last week of the month prior, I look at what intentions I would like to set for my business and for my health & happiness. I write them on a big piece of A4 paper. It really makes it powerful but every day I see that in writing as well. Every day I take a moment to read and really hold myself in that power of being accountable, of “What is it going to feel like when I achieve that? How I’m I going to feel? Who I’m I going to be as a person? What is it going to allow me to do? What is it going to allow my family to do as well?”, if it’s something that extends to them.

5.    Put systems in place that will allow you to track your progress and accountability. This could come in so many different forms. It may be having a body measurements grid so you can track your body measurements as they do down or your weight if you’re monitoring your weight. It may be having spreadsheets where you track the people you speak to or if you have follow-up systems in place. If you want to track your income because where your attention goes energy flows and it grows, if you are putting your attention on growing your income, then maybe you need to be tracking what comes in every day or every week so you can really start to grow that. As much as I’m about the Woo and about the alternative things and energy, I’m very grounded in strategies and systems as well. And I think that is really key to be able to bring the two worlds together to make sure that you really bring your intentions and your goals to reality.

6.    Block out time for making your action happen. If your action is self-care, block out time for it. If your action is going to the gym, block out time for it. If your action is to be eating healthily, then make sure you block out time to plan your meals and do your grocery shopping so you’re not impulse buying. If you action is to grow your business, then you need to be blocking out time for speaking to potential clients or discussing promoting your business or being visible doing live videos. When you block time out, your subconscious starts to prepare for that time prior to the event. The day before or a couple of days before, let’s say part of your action is creating things, that time before that block in your diary, your subconscious is really starting to go to work on, “What are we going to create? What are we going to use? What are those words? What are the things we’re going to be putting in there? What’s the action I’m going to be doing in the gym?” Really revving you up on a mind, body, spirit level to prepare for what it is that you’re going to be taking action on.

Where does this group, Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health, come into its own in power around accountability?

It is so incredibly powerful in here because not only can you share your intentions, but you can share your fears around achieving that, your obstacles, and know that we’ve got you in a problem-solving mode to be able to help you overcome it. It helps you to really embrace and dream and have the optimism of knowing you can achieve anything you want, that you are with like-minded people who believe you can, and won’t believe anything else until you are the one that says, “I quit.” And you’re never going to do that when you have people who believe in you, I can assure you of that.

When you share your intentions in the group whatever they might be, when they come from your head onto a comment or a post in the group, and you will see that I ask those all the time, “What’s going on for you? What is it you want? What will be the next step that you need to take to be able to make that happen?”, you will see that I am always encouraging you to go deeper. I’m always encouraging you to dig deeper into really thinking about what that is going to feel like when you’ve got it, what it’s going to be like, what you are going to have to be like to be able to do that, and then whether that feels aligned for you or not. It gets you into that feeling vibration of already having it, already manifesting it. It gets you feeling and raising your vibration to that of what it is that you want, that might feel quite far away when you actually set that intention in the group.

Whenever you are putting an intention in the group or I’m asking you questions about that or anybody else is asking you questions around that in the group, you will find I will hand it back over to you with accountability in place. I won’t do it for you, nor will anybody else in the group. I always encourage you to feel empowered enough to take responsibility for that accountability and to follow through with it. Every win, everything you celebrate as a result of that, every step you progress, everything you achieve is yours and it’s yours alone. And then you can really sit in that space of being in your power of knowing that you’ve achieved this because you held yourself accountable with the help of others as opposed to having everybody do it for you instead.

One thing for sure is that accountability shifts you without fail into aligned and inspired action. When you have accountability from somebody who gets you, understands you, and has your best interests at heart, you can really allow yourself to slide into that flow of moving towards everything that you want when it feels effortless. It will be out of the comfort zone, yes, you may be riding alongside fear occasionally, but it’s inspired action. It’s combining that divine feminine-masculine energy into allowing you to really shift that manifesting process up a gear so you can have what you want, what you deserve, what you are worthy of having.

It takes all of that arduous doing, that stuck feeling, out of it for you because essentially when you’ve got great accountability in place, it’s putting it out there to the Universe that actually you are worthy of having this and this is what is coming towards you.

Allow yourself the opportunity to really rev that up by stating what it is that you want and what you would love to have by putting those intentions in the group, or commenting below and saying what you’re going to do as a result of reading this.  Just focusing on one to two next steps will allow you to move towards achieving that!

Do you have any questions for me around this?  Feel free to ask away in the comments, or join my online community and ask in there!



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