The Truth about Running a Facebook Group as a Spiritual Entrepreneur [VLOG]

The Truth about Running a Facebook Group as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

I dropped some truths around running Facebook Groups as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Holistic Coach, Intuitive, Healer or Reader yesterday, I didn't realise I got sooooo passionate about this topic!

In the time I've been running my online community, here's what I've learned:

😱I’ve made mistakes, I've had to toughen up, I've spread myself too thinly, given too little, too much at times.

😱My group was stuck at 300 members for months which feels gut wrenching then when a few people leave on one day as an empath!

😱I remember last December doing a celebration when we reached 1111 members which felt huge and this year, we’re at nearly 3000.

😱I’ve been told I am sexist for running a women only group a ton of times (literally the most recent was a couple of days ago! Hello FB block!)

😱I’ve been told by a friend that I’m taking advantage of other peoples’ pain

😱I’ve been told by the people who only take the freebies that I’m not paying them enough attention

😱I’ve been told I should only go live when I am at my best and wearing makeup

😱I’ve been told I should keep my client and friendships separate

😱I’ve been told my animals shouldn’t show up on my lives-its unprofessional

I don’t say that to scare you or shame anyone, but to show you that running and leading a powerful group is not only about showing up for other people, its about showing up for YOU, fulfilling your purpose and stepping into your power, being real, authentic and going through real life, real time, with others (within reason!) and being able to show them that they can do it too, if that’s what you want to do within your business, using the tools and gifts you use for yourself and for your clients.

I have created 3 trainings to be released on 2nd January 2019, each one contains all of my inner workings of things like:

  • How I grow my group by 20-50 soul aligned women each week who I love to bits

  • How I maintain an engagement level of 65-75%

  • How I have built an incredible library of topics to talk about that help people in numerous ways

  • Why I go live consistently and confidently

  • How I am growing my business, whilst taking at least 4 holidays a year, totally offline, and weekends off, unless I choose to work

  • And best of all, meeting incredible people from all over the world and making friends with them too.

💪Creating a Thriving and Profitable Facebook Group from Scratch

💪Grow your Facebook Group, Grow your Spiritual Business Training

💪Going Live Online Confidently as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Each intensive training is $399, however if you purchase all 3 as a bundle, you will receive all 3 trainings for the price of 2, making it a $798 total investment for the opportunity to be earning $3k, $5k, $10k a month more than you do already.

How would 2019 feel going into the year with that happening in your business?!

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