Is it Time to Get Out of your Own Way?

Are you Taking Time to Get Out of your Own Way?

That question is sent to challenge you...  ;)

Because over these last few weeks (or maybe even longer), I wonder if you've lost your mojo a little, forgotten what you were aiming for, or where you were heading before the chaos of life and time off work and the change of routine kicked in.

As we near the end of yet another year and in the crazy run up to Christmas, I bet you've got 'wrapped up' (see what I did there?!) in the busy-ness of it all and and haven't made the much needed time for yourself, have you?

Am I right?  Then read on...

Everyone has a need to take time out away from life sometimes, to simply breathe, and re-evaluate where their life is at right now, compared to where they want it to be.  Without this time, we get in our own way; we put things off saying we'll do it tomorrow, next week or next year and we lose sight of what our purpose is and with that, we start to let go of our goals-whether it's that healthy eating plan you've been on, that promotion you had your eye on or that sales target you were 'nearly' there with.

Stopping to take time out is not selfish-it's SELF-CARE.

And in a blink of an eye-all your hard work can be undone and you're left in a confused state, losing your direction, frustrated, resentful; all because you got in your own way!

Which is why I'm sharing with you what I do every week, month and year, to prevent this and keep myself on track with my goals.  If it works for me, it may just work for you too!


Every Friday afternoon, I block an hour of time out to go over the previous week, reviewing what worked well, what not so well, so I can improve for the following week.  I work out my stats with a money date (my income/expenditure and business expansion) and then I plan my blocks of time for the following week, so I know what I'm doing and when-even if it's not actually booked with anyone yet!  I call this my 'get my s**t together' session.  It allows me to switch off and enjoy the weekend knowing the next week is organised.


One day of every month, I have a full day to work 'on' my business rather than 'in' my business.  In this, I get out of my own way and take a birds' eye view of my day to day activities (including my personal and family time).  It's easy to see from this distance, where the dead ends are-what needs to stop and what needs more work.  

On another full day of the month, I go out somewhere, either alone with just my journal, or with a group of friends or family that I can completely relax with.  This tops up my personal batteries, I can take time to write new goals, review old ones and refocus my mind with new energy and vigour to continue the month at a successful level for me, reminding me why I work hard for these special moments!

It's when you step away from being 'in' your life, that you see with clarity where you're at and where you need to go.


Towards the end of the year, I start reflecting on what I have achieved over the year, personally, professionally and emotionally too.  I don't dwell on what has not been achieved, as I will have learned something from the experience of going for it, regardless.

I set myself 3 big goals I'd like to achieve the following year-these might be financial goals, business goals, personal goals for me; they could also be weight goals, fitness goals, sales goals-the list could go on forever!  I break those goals down into 5-6 simple action steps that keep a focus on the end goal, but don't uber-focus on the details.  Then I set myself checkpoint milestones in my planner to check back in with these throughout the year.

But I don't have the time!

If you don't think you've got the time to do this, just imagine what you can achieve when you're working at full speed-you'll soon realise you can achieve double the results in half the time!

So take some time after reading this to write down what you want in the next year, what you need to do to get there, then break it down into the areas I have mentioned and see how amazing it works for you!

'Sometimes, you just need a break.  In a beautiful place.  Alone.  To figure everything out.'

Not sure where to start?  Enlist my help by booking a complimentary call with me here!
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