5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success Part 1

5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success

Part 1

Hi ultimate health people! How are you doing?

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Leila Hardy. I’m your online holistic health and life coach.  I love nothing more than bringing you the opportunities to be able to be the healthiest, happiest, highest version of yourself possible in your health, your wealth, your happiness, and your success, whatever that means to you.  My main go-to tools are using Rapid Transformational Therapy, a form of hypnotherapy, to really rapidly start to identify where the subconscious blocks are that are preventing you from having all of those things that you want. I also combine that with energy to make sure that you are clearing away some of those old remnants of energy blocks that have maybe been stuck and holding you back from everything you’ve wanted in the past.

The post today and over the next few blogs is all about turning your personal tragedy into your platform for success. This is going to cover two things: We’re going to cover your personal success. We’re also going to extend that a little bit further for those who want to or have a strong sense of feeling that you know you are recovering from your own issues, you’re recovering from your challenges that are going on in your life, and ones you do that, you may be going on to actually show others how to do that or to inspire others to do that or to teach others to do that or to coach others to do that as well.  We’re just going to take that one step further for those of you who want to really start thinking about integrating your own story into your business, much like I do.

Let’s put tragedy into context.  As I was trying to come up with a title for this I was really trying to umbrella everything that has been a challenge for people, not only in health but in life, in happiness, and in business.  Tragedy just felt like a real umbrella term for that. We’re talking things like loss, grief, stress, anxiety, depression, cancer, illness, anger, fear, phobias, dyslexia, lack of confidence, overwhelm, domestic abuse, divorce, addictions, hormone issues or menopause, trauma, self-sabotage, visibility issues, body blocks, bankruptcy, lack of consistency, being an empath, the list is endless.  Basically, if you have something that has held you back or is holding you back in your life or your health or your work, that’s going to be the 'tragedy'.

We’re going to be working through some amazing strategies to help you release those in you if you are currently struggling with those. But also, if this is your business or you want to create a  business based around your story and journey, I’m going to give you some amazing tips and strategies that are going to help you to feel empowered to not only be able to overcome your own challenges to be able to lead by example and to inspire others with your story or journey but also to help you put those things in place in a business format to give you the opportunity to touch people’s lives in the most incredible way.

As I was planning for this, my Note from the Universe was absolutely perfectly timed so I thought I’d share it here. It goes like this, “When bad things happen to good people, it’s often because they want to become even better teachers, even better guides, and even better helpers to those precious souls who will one day need them to be their rock. Plus, today’s bad is always tomorrow’s boom no matter who you are, no matter what has happened, and no matter how weak the coffee was. Which kind of means only good things happen to good people.”

I just thought that was absolutely perfectly timed bearing in mind we’re talking about how to turn your challenges, your tragedy into a platform for success!  Whether that’s to be happy and healthier or whether that’s to build a profitable business and to be able to inspire others by your journey and the things you’ve learnt.   

My story, originally, was around Yo-Yo dieting.  Yo-Yo dieting with my weight my whole life for as long as I can remember.  Even as I moved into a career as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, that was always an issue for me. My weight ballooned when I lost my sister suddenly. She went to bed one night and just didn’t wake up. My health from that point on plummeted and I became depressed. I figured it was just because of that; it was a sudden shock for the whole family and of course that takes some processing to work through. But what I started to realize was that that loss, that grief, and the sequence of events following that really triggered a subconscious belief in me to be fully activated even though it had been activated at a low level since I was 11 years old. Going back as far as I can think and as far as I’ve traced back with the Rapid Transformational Therapy was the belief that 'I am not enough'.  That belief really started to accelerate hence the self-sabotage. It was causing me to overeat, become addicted to food, and to be on self-destruct. Although that belief had been there since I was 11 years old, it was all those years later that it came to a head because I was totally out of control, I was at the point where my life probably would have ended in a very different way if I carried on. 

As I became aware of that belief and what it meant for me and how that was working out in my life, I went to work on releasing this and making life more meaningful, as well as being healthy and happy and balanced in every sense of the word. That is really where the health and happiness story moves into the most incredible journey of not only overcoming those things and putting amazing tools in place to help me and support me in my health and happiness, but as soon as I started to recognize those similar self-destructive patterns and behaviors in my personal training clients, in my fitness clients, in my massage clients, I started to be able to help them too, not only with their weight but with some other things.  As I had built my business originally with focus on weight because that was my story, that was what I knew best, that’s what I really understood, I grew in confidence. I grew in self-belief as a health coach in general and really then started to focus not just on weight but really tapping into confidence, looking at any kind of addictions, looking at those self-destructive patterns and behaviors that stemming back from these powerful subconscious beliefs that were holding people back. And then my business started to grow even more.

As I recognized that my business was growing and diversifying, I was overcoming some huge success-limiting beliefs, some visibility beliefs that were holding me back in huge random money blocks that I have released and I am still releasing. They still come up to be seen even today in various different ways. That was when I started to step into the business coaching side of things, that power of being able to put systems and strategies that I had learned and created myself whilst overcoming those subconscious blocks simultaneously that prevent that business growth that people desire, whatever those goals are for your business. Plus ensuring that you are in balance with your health in a mind, body, spirit way - totally holistically. That is how I’ve ended up doing what I do today.

That feels like a lot of steps but in essence it feels very simple to me looking back, that I healed myself and I really went to work on getting help to support myself, but as I did that I learnt so much along the way that has enabled me to also start to help other people in a business way as well as personally with your health.  

That is where that tragedy of struggling with my weight, losing somebody that became a massive trigger for all of this sequence of events that have been so positive, so transformational, it is those things that have led me to be able to make what was my tragedy into a platform for success.  Because now I can share with other people how to be able to overcome those same things that not only I have overcome but learnt how to help others to overcome through practice and experience as well.

I’m going to stop here today. This is a bit of a background on how and why I began my business using my own personal tragedy. In the next part of the series I’m going to give you five steps to start turning your platform into success.

If you have any questions on discovering how to use your tragedy to become happy and successful, don’t hesitate to ask me!



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