5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success Part 2

5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success Part 2


5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success

Part 2

Hello ultimate health people. How are you doing?

Welcome back to part 2 in our series on turning your tragedy into your platform for success.

In the first part of this series I gave you my background on how I turned my own personal battle with yo-yo dieting into my business. If you haven’t had a chance to read that, you can find it here.


Today I want to give you five steps you can use to turn your tragedy into your platform.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Leila Hardy. I’m your online holistic health and life coach. I love nothing more than bringing you the opportunities to be able to be the healthiest, happiest, highest version of yourself possible in your health, your wealth, your happiness, and your success whatever that means to you. My main go-to tools are using Rapid Transformational Therapy, a form of hypnotherapy, to really rapidly start to identify where the subconscious blocks are that are preventing you from having all of those things that you want. I also combine that with energy to make sure that you are clearing away some of those old remnants of energy blocks that have maybe been stuck and holding you back from everything you’ve wanted in the past.

Your experiences, 'tragedies' become a really powerful journey that you can look back on and like the TUT statement on my first blog on this series says, it’s only a good thing in the end although it felt horrible and hard at the time.  Some of those things like loss, pain, phobias, addictions, self-sabotage, visibility issues, they feel massive at the time.  They feel so hard, so sticky, and so heavy.  But when you look back and realize how much you’ve grown to have overcome them, to have moved through them, to have accepted them, to have been able to release them in some way, then you recognize that actually it’s all been put here to help you to develop in some way to be the best, highest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself possible. Let’s look at turning your platform into success for your personal health and happiness. I’m going to give you five steps.

1.    Take responsibility for it.

Let go of any blame or any anger or any resentment from anybody else or anything else that may have been a contributing factor in that coming about. That switches it from happening to you - something external that happens to you that you have no control over - to you being aware of it happening within you. Therefore you have control to be able to make a choice as to how you start to work through this.

2.    Go into self-discovery.

Start to learn to heal and release.  Get help to learn. Don’t be afraid to get help.  The amount of people that have helped me get to the point where I am, to the point where I can say “I’m okay; I’ve got this now. I think I know how to deal with this. I know I can call on you if I need it but actually I’m good."  That's an amazing place to be.  When you can be in that empowered place that comes from actually needing that help in the first place, asking for that help and being able to action that help with research, with learning, with commitment, being open to trying new and different things, being open to ideas and inspiration coming in all forms from all directions in a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual way, looking at all of those perspectives and seeing what fits and letting go of what doesn’t fit.  Chances are if it doesn’t resonate with you right now, it will come back into the forefront of your mind if and when it starts to resonate for some reason during your journey.

3.    Use the Change, Remove, Accept principle.

This principle is really powerful for working with any situation that you have - any tragedy, any challenge or whatever might be going on.  It works really simply like this: You look at the situation and you objectively start to say, “Is there anything I can change about that situation?” If there is, you can change what you say about that situation, you can address it head on, and you could create that choice where you can start to do something different.  If you can’t change anything, then you look to see if you can remove the situation or remove yourself from the situation. If that’s a yes, take action. If it’s a no, then you move to the accept principle which is, “How can you whole-heartedly accept this situation to allow the resistance to release, to allow you to move through it gracefully, with ease and with flow?”  Even if that is a real tough thing that’s going on for you, it just increases the freedom for you to be able to move through it in the easiest way possible for you, for your health and for your happiness. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be painless but it does make it a lot easier when you’re not resisting it every step of the way.

4.    Work out what works for you really well and build a toolbox for success.

Try all of these new things, keep the ones that work really well for you, put the others on the back burner, and be really open to those ideas and inspiration coming even though it might not look how you might expect it to look. Something random like an opportunity or a freebie you come across or a bonus in a course comes to you and you’re like, “I’ve got no idea what this is. This isn’t what I signed up for.” Just take a look at it and be open to the fact that that may be something really powerful for you that may actually be life-changing.  In my story this is Pilates. I signed up on a full immersion of a personal trainer course for two years. One of the bonuses of that was to become a level three Pilates instructor. I didn’t know that was what I really would love to do. In fact, I was all about the burn back then. To then learn how to do Pilates and that very first time I tried it, it was powerfully life-transforming because I recognized that was going to be one of the things I was going to be doing for the rest of my life. You never know where it’s going to come from and how it’s going to look, but just go with it and go with that flow.

5.    Start to integrate that toolbox into your life.

Make it your new normal. Make it soooooo normal that you do it automatically and actually life feels strange if you don’t do it rather than it feeling it strange when you do it! 

The key thing is to take responsibility for your change, for your thoughts, for your feelings because that is so empowering. Taking back your power and moving from that feeling like it’s happening to you to empowerment is so liberating.

I want to stop here and give you time to work through some of these steps before we dig even deeper into them in the last part of the series.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.



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