5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success Part 3

5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success Part 3


5 Steps to Turn Your Tragedy into Your Platform for Success

Part 3

Hello ultimate health people. How are you doing?

Welcome back to our series on turning your tragedy into your platform for success!

In the first part of this series I gave you my background on how I turned my own personal battle with yo-yo dieting into my business.  In part two I outlined the five steps to turn your tragedy into your platform.  If you haven’t had a chance to read that, you can find it here and here.



In this last part I want to give you the next five steps that extend those steps further into if you want to build a business to help others to be able to overcome these things you have overcome in your life and health.  These next five steps are going to show you a little bit further what is possible for you when you start to share your story, really overcome those obstacles, and how you can then start to share that with other people in terms of building an income from that as well. This is a platform for success with your business. And actually you need to have worked through the first five steps in order to be able to start coaching, helping and inspiring other people to do that as well. You need to have seen that this is working for you, that you have overcome it or you at least know how it’s going to happen for you to be able to show other people how to do it.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Leila Hardy. I’m your online holistic health and life coach. I love nothing more than bringing you the opportunities to be able to be the healthiest, happiest, highest version of yourself possible in your health, your wealth, your happiness, and your success whatever that means to you. My main go-to tools are using Rapid Transformational Therapy, a form of hypnotherapy, to really rapidly start to identify where the subconscious blocks are that are preventing you from having all of those things that you want. I also combine that with energy to make sure that you are clearing away some of those old remnants of energy blocks that have maybe been stuck and holding you back from everything you’ve wanted in the past.

The important thing I wanted to add about this final section of this series, is that it is so key that if you ever do want to serve others in some way by using your journey as a reference and a signpost along the way, that you are aware of the times and the triggers that may move you into a victim mode.  Because they will happen. There will be things that will make you want to go inside your shell and start to recoil from the world. When you can become aware of what those triggers are and you can shift out of that by yourself or you know when you need to ask somebody to help you with that as well.  If you get stuck there, it’s going to be hard to align your energy with the clients that you want, the income you want, and the desires you want. It’s not that you can’t go there or you won’t go there, because you will, but what I’m saying is that if you do and you plan to use this for a business, because it will happen, be aware of it so you don’t get stuck there. That’s my big disclaimer for this.

That’s one of the things I’ve learnt myself especially as an introverted empath.  There have been times when I really wanted to just hide at home and that doesn’t work unless you want your business to fall out of alignment with what’s going on for you.  Hence the reason why quite often I share it when there is stuff coming up because I think it’s powerful that you see that.  I never share about things that I am not already overcoming, or don't know how to overcome, but as I start to talk about it and teach it, it helps me to heal and release as well.  It gives you that opportunity to work in an empowered way with what’s going on for you too, at the same time. Similarly, behind the scenes I have a whole team of people who I can go to if I need to, who are looking out for me, who have got my back. All I need to do sometimes is drop them an email, a message or a call, make an appointment and it’s sorted so quickly. It is really a case of practicing those five steps that you go through to enable you to stay empowered whatever is going on for you so you can really share those in the moment if need be as well.

1.    Make the five steps from the previous blog part of your life

Change your own life, your own health, your own happiness, your own business, and your own relationships, so you can overcome it. That is when you can show others how to do it and you can show them all of the things that did or didn’t work for you so they can then cherry-pick what works for them. It gives you and them an amazing well rounded perspective that works for them around what their beliefs are, what their ethos is, and what their character is like as well which is just as important.

2.    Get clear on how you want to help others

Building clarity around how your business is going to be created using your tragedy to success journey as the platform, is so important.  That clarity would cover who you’re going to work with, how you’re going to do this, why - what’s important to you about it, where this is going to happen - online, offline, in person, in groups, individually, and when you’re going to do this.  These are your opportunities to really start to build a foundation upon which your business and your journey will start to branch out from.

3.    Study those steps that you’ve taken and practiced

Understanding the steps you've taken on your journey and why, or to qualify in them, and to be able to teach them and coach them is the best way to then become an advocate and teacher of them.  My best piece of advice if you have even the slightest inkling that this may become something you help others with, is to journal your journey.  It will only be when you look back that you realize there were some powerful learning moments and lessons and messages in there that you can then use to be able to take forwards with your clients when you start working with them. A journal is a powerful log of you working through your journey to ultimate health and happiness. Jim Rohn said this phrase: Study. Practice. Teach.  You study something, practice it with the intention that you’re going to teach it, then you start to retain the information even better.

4.    Get comfortable with sharing those steps 

By this I mean just like how I shared my story in the beginning.

If at first or if for any reason vulnerability isn’t your thing, find a way to be able to share your message and information around your story and journey in a way that feels good and aligned for you either until sharing your vulnerabilities becomes more comfortable, or until you can master that way of connecting with people without actually sharing that story fully.  But if your story is one that’s very personal, like mine is around weight and loss, then actually the power of being able to be okay to share that, true healing comes when you can share a personal tragedy without emotional charge.  When you get to that point where you’re able to share that vulnerably but also by being completely honest and authentic in sharing that and showing how much more at peace you are with it and how much progress you have made, then you can really start to connect with people at a deeper level which gives them permission to be able to have the hope and the potential to also see what’s possible for them too.  It is a powerful tool to be able to share your story vulnerably, to be able to share it openly and honestly. But if you can’t do that, if it doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to. It’s not the be all and end all.

5.    Invite others to join you on the journey

That comes in the form of building a tribe or having some sales pages technology-wise, talking to people about it, offering people the opportunity to work with you, taking those opportunities to be able to showcase how you were able to transform your tragedy to a platform for success so they can start to see that they could also do this in their lives as well.  When I was talking about the what, the when, the how, the where, and the why in step two, I would say that most of you probably really know me for the subconscious and mindset work because that’s what I tend to share most. That’s the biggest part of my story. Most of you may not know that I’m also using Rapid Transformational Therapy and hypnotherapy and I also used to work in the Akashic records, I’m an energy healer, a personal trainer, a nutritional advisor, business coach, time leverage expert, Reiki teacher, and I use and sell essential oils and aloe vera products as a health consultant. I do a huge amount of things, but I only focus on two - subconscious mindset and energy.

My point is to keep it simple.

When you are able to focus on some of the key turning points for you in your life and how they worked, then you can start to help others focus on those, plus then being able to dip into your toolbox of things, skills and expertise as and when required.  As your clients or your potential people, they would love to be able to use them as it becomes relevant or as it may resonate to them as they go through their journey as well.

It takes a bit of time if you want to get it right. You can involve other people to help you and support you in that. I’ve built a fairly organic business, without Facebook ads, but by really connecting with people because that’s what I love to do.  At some point I may start to use ads and incorporate more team members. I have two amazing people who support me in my business right now and some other people in the form of coaches and such.  At some point that may change too, but right now I just love being able to do these things with you, to be able to chat with you, to be able to inspire you, and give you the opportunity to see what potential is out there for you. That might be the same for you or you might want to go the whole hog and go straight into it with a full team and Facebook Ads and the whole shazam!

What I wanted to reassure you is that when you can start to clear that personal stuff out of the way, you start to release those problems like not having the time, the self-sabotage, the self-doubt, the visibility issues, the money blocks, worrying about lack of skills or knowledge, you really start to give yourself the space to expand into the potential of what you could do when you’re free from any of these issues which are constraining you and holding you back in your life and your happiness. It also gives you the opportunity to think, “What could I leave as a legacy? What imprint can I leave on this world if I just shared some of this with other people?”

As you go on a journey that helps you to clear the subconscious and energy blocks that are in the way of your ultimate health, wealth, happiness and success, you can also start to learn how to clear them yourself.  I got to the point when I had coaches and people helping me that I could say, “This is going on for me. I’m going to see if I can ride this out by myself with everything that I’ve learnt. I’ll give you a shout if I need you.”  When you get to that point, you start to understand at a cellular level how you can work with yourself and how you can heal and clear things for yourself.  That’s when you’re in an empowered place where you can really start to help other people to do that.  If that’s you wanting to build a profitable business, a soul-aligned business that works on your times and your time scales, then so be it.  If it stops at just wanting to be healthy and happy and being able to have the life that you deserve, that’s also great!

That brings this series to a close, but if you have any questions or would like to watch the video on this topic, come and join me in my Facebook Group, Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health!



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