Transform your Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit Challenge
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Are your Thoughts turning to Food?


Are you ready to Transform your Weight, in a Mind, Body & Spirit way?

You know you want to shift your relationships with food all year round, but here's the reality...

You only know you've tried everything to stop overeating, making unhealthy choices and you dread family occasions and social events because of all the temptation to change your healthy eating regime.

You don't want to kickstart yet another plan or diet or routine.

You want to shift into the aligned lifestyle of freedom from unhealthy eating habits, self-sabotage and all or nothing eating and yo-yo dieting, that is yours-it's all yours for the taking.

I've been there, done that and I've discovered all the magic ingredients for success - for the long-term.  All you have to do to start diving into these ingredients for yourself is enter your details below to join this free powerful FREE 3 day Transform your Weight, Mind, Body & Spirit Challenge.

We start December 12th 2017 at 7.30pm GMT/2.30pm EST!

What questions come up for you around transforming your health, happiness and your weight?

"I know I need to change something to be happier and healthier, but I'm not sure what and how"

"I'm too old/fat/hormonal/fill blank to change my health now"

"It's too close to Christmas, I'll  start after"

"How should I eat to lose weight and not feel like I'm a failure?"

"Why do I do well for a while, then something happens and I'm put right back to square one?"

"What exercise should I be doing for my body/weight/age/size?"

"So I get coaching in this challenge and masterclass, what happens after when I'm on my own again?"


Here's what you will learn over the 3 days:

  • What simple steps are always overlooked when it comes to changing your health
  • The key to successful weight loss and maintaining it, ALL YEAR ROUND

Here's what you will be given over the 3 days:

  • 3 daily live challenge videos to learn and implement my Six Soulful Strategies to Transform your Health and Life with weight as your sole focus
  • Simple action steps each day that will overhaul your current thoughts, feelings and beliefs about weight
  • Encouragement, accountability and support throughout the 3 day challenge in your own PRIVATE COMMUNITY

Here's what you will experience over the 3 days:

  • Healing and personal growth in every dimension of your Self
  • Clear goals and action steps
  • Cleansing and detoxifying for your body, mind and spirit, all around weight loss and your relationship with food
  • More energy
  • Empowering yourself in a way you have never experienced before to be the weight you want to be!
  • Soaring self-confidence
  • Belief in yourself that you CAN achieve anything you want to do with your weight!

Here's what you will get over the 3 days:

  • 6 action steps to take to transform your weight and relationship with food in the future
  • Q&A time with me to get your weight queries answered
  • Super charged live, powerful coaching and energy healing sessions that will shift your perspective around your weight and your relationship with food

Want to get in on the life transforming action too?

Register here for all the details!

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