Does Your Inner Child need an Upgrade?

Knowing what I know now, it is very apparent that what children soak up between the ages of 0-7 years of age, will stay with them all the way through their lives'. 

It can be positive or negative-there is no discrimination in their mind. 

Tell your kids just how incredible they are.

Tell them they are good enough, that you love them, listen to their stories, empower them to be leaders of tomorrow, teachers of the next generation, confident, kind, loving, honest people.

Does your Inner Child need an upgrade too?

🌀Are you stuck in self-sabotage cycles?

🌀Is overwhelm, anxiety and low self-esteem affecting your life, health and happiness?

🌀Do you give up too easily or tell yourself you don't have the time?

If these are uncomfortable to answer, your inner child is rebelling big time!! 

Your inner child believes they don't deserve success, whatever 'success' means to you

They need to be heard in order to allow them to release the hold they have on you

If you want to feel:





💜Driven to achieve your health and happiness goals

Then I'd love to invite you to my 'Upgrade your Inner Child' 3 part online live workshop, starting July 25th.

In this interactive group workshop you will:

👩‍👧Explore how your inner child is playing with your grown-up reality today and get to know them

👨‍👦Identify exactly when, where, how and why your inner child started to behave like it does

👩‍👦Upgrade your inner child and start to have them running in the same direction as you...towards your dreams and goals-hand in hand!

This 3 part online group workshop will:

💎Inject excitement in to your goals

💎Maximise your own incredible mind power to change your reality

💎Induce creativity, desire and action to have everything you want

💎Remove fear of failure

💎Eliminate fear of success

💎Eradicate childhood limiting beliefs

This group workshop starts July 25th-and runs for 3 consecutive days (25/26/27) to harness the powerful collective energy of being together as a group with mutual goals-to be happy and healthy!

The earlybird price for this 3 part workshop is only $97!!

NB: Places are limited and will fill up fast-I'm not sure, when and if I will run this again as it has come to fruition through meditations to act on this now and bring it to you! #lovehowtheuniverseworks

You can book your spot on the workshop for $97 here:

As soon as my sales page is up and running, the price is going up to $222

I can't wait to welcome you and your inner child into the workshop!  If you have any questions, PM me!





Remember those Polaroid Cameras?!

Remember those Polaroid Cameras?!