What are Your Gifts?


I am curious.  What do you feel your gifts are?

The reason I‘m asking is because I think all too often, we don’t really shout from the rooftops what we’re great at, what we’re good at, or what we feel we’ve been blessed with in terms of skills or abilities or gifts in any respect.

So I just wanted to ask:

Who takes the time to ask you what you’re really good at?

If nobody does then I’m asking you right now!  

Tell me what you think your gifts are.

Tell me what you feel you’re great at or what you feel you excel in.  

It doesn’t have to be academic.  It doesn’t have to be vocational.  It could be a personal quality.  It could just be something you absolutely know that come what may, you’re good at it, you love it, and you have this natural affinity to it.

One of my qualities, I often get mocked playfully and sometimes seriously, for being so positive, for always being so happy, and for always looking on the bright side of things.

Until recently, I actually started to believe it wasn’t a good thing that I was positive, that I could see the positive side of things no matter how difficult the situation or the conversation or what somebody else is talking to me about.  So much so that I started to doubt myself and I started to think, “Maybe all this positivity is me just avoiding looking at the 'real' stuff.”

It’s only recently that I realised this;  

Actually, no! That’s not true! 

I am extremely positive - you will know this if you have watched, read or listened to any of my work - but I’m also totally okay with not being positive, not feeling positive in myself.  I also encourage all of you in my Ultimate Health Facebook Group to be completely honest with yourselves as well if you’re not having a good day, so there is no sign that I avoid this part of us.

I've realised that it is complete rubbish when people say that to me and I have a sense that they are criticising me.   Things like; “You’re so positive.” 'You're always so cheery."


You know what; my positivity, my ability to see the potential in others, the opportunity that I give people to see their own qualities by embracing their shadows as well as their strengths, even if they don’t yet see them or believe in themselves yet, is a gift.

And actually, it’s nothing that should be taken lightly or mocked, because in this world that we live in there isn’t enough positivity.  There’s very little of it around.  We tend to have very little support.  

Sometimes you just need somebody you know who’s got your back.  They’re in your corner and they can see the light within you that might be shrouded with darkness right now.  

They can see the potential in you.  They can see the qualities you have as a person, when for you they might be so deeply buried or you may have even forgotten they’re there.  If you took on board what I had started to take on board about being 'too' positive and slowly push it down inside of you, you may never fulfil your true potential and you may never be authentically, honestly, you.

Now I know that that positivity, that ability to see somebody’s potential and the goodness in any situation is a gift.

It’s a gift that I was gifted with.  It’s an ability that I have to not only embrace the darkness and the shadows of myself and other people and to allow other people to see their shadows and work with them, but also help them to turn those shadows into their lightness, into their potential, into their qualities, into their strengths, and into their power.

That in itself is a gift as well.  I’ve gone through that cycle of doubting whether I should be so positive to actually going, “No, I am proud of that.”  Because that IS a gift and there are not that many people in this world who can authentically, genuinely, be positive without putting a face on it and without lying.  

If I pay somebody a compliment, if I tell somebody they’re good at something, if I encourage somebody because I see that they can push through a limit and they then do that, it’s because I believe in it and I believe in them.  I see it.  I see the potential that you have to grow, to expand, to be more confident, to be healthier, to be happier and that should not be sniffed at.

So…what are your gifts?

What is it that you feel you can really bring to a room, to your family, to your friends?  

What is it that you have that’s magic, that’s unique for you, that allows you to really stand in your own power and allows you to be authentically you with no shame and no doubt, that allows you to realise that no matter what anybody says about you or about that particular quality or gift, you know it’s yours?  

You own it and you know that whatever it is, it’s special, it’s unique to you, it’s yours, you earned it, you had it all along possibly or you’ve learned it.  No matter what it is, it’s yours.  And I want you to realise that those gifts are so important in making you the person you are today.  They are vital.  As you know this and start to acknowledge it, and by interacting and sharing them with me, or by commenting and saying what your gifts are, you are acknowledging that to the whole world as well that these are your strengths, and these are powerful things that you own that nobody else can have an identical one of.  That is what makes it super special.

My business has recently turned 10 years old.  

I look back and I realise what an incredible journey it has been of evolution, of learning, and of developing.  I started with Reflexology back in 2005 and became fully fledged self-employed in May 2007, 10 years ago. I then developed a fascination and passion with the body after developing two DVTs [Deep Vein Thrombosis] in my leg and being laid up completely in late 2006.  After that I qualified as a Personal Trainer, then into Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and other massage techniques. Then I started teaching Zumba Fitness, Pilates, Aerobics, high impact full-on classes - Kettlebells, I opened my own studio, and later closed it.  I then moved into a network marketing business where I started to dive into personal development and started to invest in myself rather than in my business. That moved into really focusing on massage and Pilates where I could see the gift of my healing abilities was being put to good use.

Then I looked to my own relationship with food and my own breakthrough around the relationship with my father and the feeling of not being enough or lovable or wanted.  As a result of qualifying as a Hypnotherapist, I created permanent changes in my life and in my body.  What I saw when I was practicing Hypnotherapy with clients was the energetic shifts that just went crazy as people started to piece together the jigsaw of why their lives' weren’t how they wanted them to be and why their health and happiness wasn’t what they wanted it to be.  As I noticed those energetic shifts I knew I had to learn to speak that language - the language of energy. This led me to Reiki level 1, level 2, and Masters most recently.

I have realised that every single part of that journey – the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens – have all gifted me with the compassion, desire, commitment, drive and mission to know that I have all of this knowledge and the skills and gifts that now allow me to help other people, just like you, to do exactly the same, and to speed your journey of self-discovery up.

So, I guess I’ve always had the same gift, which is helping people and healing people in some way. But it couldn’t be more different than how it was originally when I was just tinkering a bit with massage and not really knowing about energy, into personal training, both physical sides of things, to how deeply I work with the mindset aspect of things now - people’s behaviours and actions. What I realised is that when you change that bit of people first, the physical changes then become an natural progression.

Wow!  That is deep and meaningful!  Any questions you have, feel free to ask!

Share your gifts with me and let me know what it is that you’re celebrating about yourself.

If you are on your own mind, body, spirit discovery and you want support through that using all these tools and skills, then book yourself a complimentary 30 minute Soul Discovery and Clarity Call here. 

Take care of your beautiful Selves!



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