What Is A Paradigm Shift?

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Paradigm Shifts: What has Been Your Paradigm Shift?

I just wanted to share one of my biggest learnings about mindset, which happened around 2012. That was the first time I really started diving into personal development, learning about mindset and the effects of what we think about we bring about, and shifting our thinking in order to be able to change our actions and therefore change our reality.

One of the big things for me was I was reading a personal development book and it described a paradigm shift example that has stayed with me ever since. 

It was a tale of a chap who was on a train on his way to work.  He was on this train trying to read the paper in peace on his daily commute.  Around him there was another guy with five children, all youngish children under the age of 10 or 11.  And they were just running riot.  They were literally running up down the carriage of the train, they were shouting, they were leaping on the chairs, and the father appeared not to be doing anything about it at all.

This chap who was trying to read the paper on his way to work, trying to get some peace, trying to just enjoy a moment’s peace while he was collecting his thoughts to go to work, he started to feel this anger coming up inside him.  Frustration and annoyance and resentment at the children but also at the father who was doing nothing about disciplining these children and helping them to be quiet or encouraging them to control their energy.

Ultimately, what happened in the story was he confronted the father.  He said, “Why aren’t you doing anything about these children? They’re being disruptive, they’re being unruly, they’re being rude, and they’re annoying all of the people in this carriage.”

The father looked him in the eye and said, “I can only apologise. We’ve just come from the hospital and their mother died this morning. I’m allowing them to let off some steam.”

For me, this was my first experience of a paradigm shift of thinking because I was totally with the guy in the carriage who was trying to get some peace and quiet.  He was becoming annoyed and frustrated at these children running around.

Instantly, I was there on the perspective of the children and of the father who had just lost their mother and wife.  Understandably, he had his own stuff going on and he needed to allow those kids to also channel their energy in that way as well.

That for me is what mindset means.

It means shifting my thinking to see the other perspectives, to see the other opportunities, to see the other ways to approach something and being able to then allow my life to change as a result of that.  For my clients, I hope to empower them to also see there are different ways to think about things, which in turn with transform their reality.

The result for me around that story is the fact that I’m very conscious of being able to take on board lots of different perspectives now.

There is no right way or wrong way until you fully understand the situation around that. It really allowed me to take that experience as a shift in my mindset to then realise that I could change my thinking around this or I could change my feelings around that, around any situation.  Not just a situation where you might feel annoyed or angry, but as a result of looking at that situation, changing your thinking and changing your feelings, you then start to change your actions.  As a result of changing your actions your results change.

That is the whole ethos of my Ultimate Health Group - empowering you to make those paradigm shifts to your thinking and to your mindset, that will allow you to change your actions and will allow you to then start to change your reality.

To me, that story epitomises what mindset means alongside paradigm shifts in thinking.  

What paradigm shifts have you experienced?  What effect did it have on your life?



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