What Has Been Your Biggest Lightbulb Moment?


Life is a series of lightbulb moments

What do I mean by “Life is a series of lightbulb moments”?

I feel that as we go through life we will to some degree always be experiencing some kind of “Aha!” moment, a moment where something falls into place. It might just be something quite small like reading something and going, “Oh, that makes sense now!” or hearing something completely new.

It might also be something huge that creates an epiphany type of realisation that you can do something you never thought you could do and that leads to a whole change of career or a whole change of relationship or life.  Regardless of how big that lightbulb moment is, all of them stack up.  

All of the lightbulb moments that we experience stack up to make us who we are.

I truly believe if you are not growing, learning, developing and having these kinds of lightbulb moments and “Aha!” moments, then to all intents and purposes you are dying or you’re dead, metaphorically speaking.  Lightbulb moments are one of those continuous processes that you have to experience, a bit like a plant as it’s growing. As soon as a plant stops growing, generally it’s because it’s dead or it’s dying.

We are really the same; as we learn things and go through our lives absorbing different things, taking on board different lightbulb moments and “Aha!” moments, we are continuously developing ourselves and growing.

I think lightbulb moments can be either positive or negative.

What kind of lightbulb moments you instantly think of when I ask you what have been your biggest lightbulb moments in life? 

Let me know what you feel they are because I'm sure they will range from the whole spectrum of seemingly small right through to significant and life-changing.  Regardless of what they are, do share because I absolutely would love to hear them.

You can have really positive lightbulb moments and you can often bring them about just by going about your day to day activities.

Positive lightbulb moments:

Reading some personal and spiritual development work - anything by Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle is amazing.  These are two people I really resonate with and so I’m guessing quite a few of you will also resonate with them quite deeply as a reader of my work.

Listening to things: We have access to the most incredible library of things to listen to these days on YouTube, Google and Podcasts. If you really feel like learning about one particular thing at the moment, then I urge you to search it out on YouTube or Google.  See if you can find anything to listen to because your lightbulb moment may be in there as well. Watching or listening to things like these or watching other webinars in a particular field you want to learn more about.

It might even be developing your professional career as well.  It might be watching webinars or learning more and continuously or professionally developing your niche in what you do for work or for self-employment.

Positive lightbulb moments most often come about as a result of lots of smaller ones; occasionally you will receive a big lightbulb moment, but generally, it will always be a stack-up of a few.  There may be one that’s pivotal in making you decide that this is the way you’re going to move forward or this is what’s going to change from now on, but there will always be smaller ones somewhere along the way and following those as well.

Negative lightbulb moments:

It’s difficult to call these negative because when you look back on them, you will realise they were positive, but at the moment they might feel negative or challenging.  This is because they’re probably making you feel like you’re stuck in a nightmare, like there’s something you’re desperate to get away from or something you no longer wish to stand for happening or being experienced in your life.

These tend to come from a breakdown of sorts; in terms of that you’re not willing to put up with this any longer.  You are no longer available for that kind of treatment, experience, language, or whatever it is that’s triggered that lightbulb moment for you.  The reason I call it negative is because normally it’s on those moments that you go, “I’m not doing this anymore!”  That’s a huge lightbulb moment to realise that this can actually change the path of the rest of your life as you do that.

As you notice these lightbulb moments, you will probably find that the positive ones can come and quite often you have to choose those ones.

The negative ones are the ones that you don’t always choose. It might be a situation that has come about that you weren’t particularly aware of, or a confrontation or conflict, something like that that has created this situation for you that you feel like you weren’t responsible for in some way.

You know me; I’m all about taking responsibility.  I know that somewhere along the line there’s a part of you that enabled that to happen or allowed that to happen or wasn’t aware enough to prevent that from happening. (Check out my cycles within cycles blog and Are you Within a Cycle blog!) You can look back on that eventually, but right now it will feel like it’s coming at you as opposed to your creating it, whereas the positive lightbulbs moments you are in control of.

These are things that as you go about your day, as you go through each week, as you go through each month of your life, these little bits of learning, these little bits of education, these little experiences - spending time with the family, treating yourself to a spa day or a massage, etc. - are beautiful little lightbulb moments that make you realise that you have full control over how you feel and act.

You have the opportunity to do them but you also have the choice not to.  In doing them however, you create the most incredible positive changes and lightbulb moments for you because you never know what book it might be that you read, what words you listen to, what video you watch, when all of a sudden just when you weren’t expecting it, boom! Somebody said something or you read something in a slightly different way to how you’ve heard it a million times before and it just sits differently and you sit back for a moment, take a breath and go, “Wow!”

It’s in those moments that you’ve created by taking responsibility for making these small lightbulb moments happen that you realise your life will have changed from that point on. Maybe it will not have changed dramatically, but your thinking will have changed and your mind will have expanded. And once your mind has expanded it doesn’t go back. It will only continue to go forward so you would have taken on some new thoughts, new feelings, some new actions, or some new behaviour from that “Aha!” moment to allow you just to slightly change the course of your life towards what it is that you really want.

If you have any questions about lightbulb moments or you want to share your lightbulb moments, share away in the comments below.  I would love to hear the positive or the negative ones that maybe you’ve experienced or that you can think of, but also how they’ve maybe changed the course of your life - what have they done for your thinking, your feelings, your actions, your behaviours?  What do you look forward to being able to experience more in terms of lightbulb moments?

Remember, these are the things you’re in control of, these really positive lightbulb moments - tell yourself you are going to read more, you are going to listen more, you are going to watch more positive things on TV, you are going to learn more, you're going to go on a course, all of these are the opportunities you grasp with both hands to be able to have those lightbulb moments.

Don’t wait for the ones to come to you because they’re often the ones that feel really hard at the time when they come to you. Allow yourself to take responsibility and take control of creating some incredible lightbulb moments in your life.



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