How the Pictures we Take As Children Define Our World As Adults

How the Pictures we Take As Children Define Our World As Adults

Our mind is like a Polaroid camera.


It takes snapshots of every scene, every memory, every experience we have ever had, just in case we might need it in the future.

Between the ages of 0-7 we collect millions of these polaroid photos that we then use to create our reality as we grow older. 

These can serve us, or disempower us.

If you constantly feel you work sooooo hard at something and it never feels like it comes to anything, then chances are you are holding Polaroid photos of beliefs, memories and experiences where you sensed that there was never enough-love, food, security, connection.  We hold these deep in our subconscious.

When the deep belief is this, you'll always feel you have to go above and beyond to the cost of your health and happiness, because you believe that whatever you do, it will never be enough. 

You will never be enough.

What polaroid photos are creating your reality today? 

Do they feel good? 

Or are you not where you want to be?

I am all about the subconscious - I love healing, reprogramming and empowering the subconscious-for myself and for others!

If I could wave a magic wand and grant you one subconscious wish, what subconscious belief would you want to gain, or lose?



P.S.  Tomorrow, I'll be sharing how a random act of kindness I received last week lead to a ripple effect reaching out to hundreds of others in the space of minutes!  Look out for it!

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