What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

I’d love to ask you all a question.

What you would be doing or what you would have if you knew without a doubt in this world that you could have anything you wanted?

If there was no lack of confidence and belief that you can achieve something or have something or do something or go somewhere or see or share something, what is it that you would be doing?

What would you have?

Who would you be with?

Where would you be going?

What would you be seeing?

I’d love to know what it is that you would absolutely love to have if you had the same belief that you have when you go to bed at night, that the sun is going to come up in the morning. If you had that same belief for the goals you have for your health and happiness, that you would achieve them, it would happen, it’s a done deal, what would they be?

Just take a moment to put yourself in those shoes of innate confidence and enoughness (if you don't already have it!) that allows you to know that if you wanted something you could just have it and you don’t get those instant blocks that say, “But I can’t do this. I shouldn’t do this. This might happen. What if this went wrong? What if I failed?” 

The incredible lady who taught me within the unique hypnotherapy system that I use, the Marisa Peer Method, taught us that we come into this world with innate confidence. We come into this world absolutely knowing that if we cry, we’ll get picked up, knowing that if we smile, everybody will go “Goo-goo, Gaa-gaa” over us, and knowing that we will get everything we want.  If we want to be fed we’ll be fed.  If we cry in a different way we’ll get a nappy change.  We’ll get all of our needs met.  We know this at that young age.

But somewhere along the lines in our lives we lose it.  

It gets chipped away - it gets chipped away every time you’re told off or every time you’re being told you should be seen and not heard or every time somebody said 'I want never gets!' or every time somebody says, “No you can’t have that because you haven’t been a good girl”.

All of those little experiences chip away at our innate confidence and belief to know that we could have anything we want, that anything we desire - it’s our birth right to have.

As adults or grown ups we logically understand that not everything realistically is possible.  But if we experience these as a child, we just pick up that black and white belief that we shouldn’t have, we couldn’t have, or we can’t have. And lo and behold, if it happens within those first 7 to early teen years, we carry that through the rest of our adult lives, which manifests itself int o fear of failure, fear of success, procrastination, self-sabotage-the list is endless!  

We tend to then think it’s just normal to downsize our dreams, to think small or safe, to look at those things that other people have and you aspire to have and then go, “But I couldn’t have that. That’s not for me.”  

Why is it not for you?  

You can have anything you want in this world.  

You can have absolutely anything you dream of.

That innate confidence is something that as you peel back the layers of yourself and learn about yourself, that’s where that confidence and belief comes back.  

You realise that you can now apply an adult perspective to what are our childlike dreams.  The dreams as a child of living in a castle and driving a beautiful car, all of those things, you can now apply those big dreams to what would be a more adult theme.  Of course, if you want a castle, go get a castle!  But most of you may just want a bigger house or you may just want to have the perfect prince charming in your life. Or you may want to have the ideal weight and size and confidence and happiness that you desire.

Whatever that means to you, know this and understand this:

You can have anything you want.  

You can have anything you desire right now.  But you just need to be able to believe it like you believe the sun comes up every single morning.  Pure, unobstructed belief.

It is that belief.  Just take a moment to think about that knowing that when you go to sleep you’ll always wake up and the sun will be up.  It will be getting light if it isn’t already.  It’s like it is guaranteed.  

That’s an enormous belief that you have.

When you apply that same brilliant 100% belief into having the confidence that you want and achieving the things that you want - having the material things, if you want but also having the heartfelt things that you desire as well – when you believe 100% that you can have those things, life is unlimited.  

You can have anything you want.  

You can be anything you want.

You can go anywhere you want to go.  

You can see anything you want to see.  

You can share anything you want to share with the people you want to share it with.

What would you be doing, seeing, having, sharing, and being?

Where would you be going if you had anything at all that you could achieve and you knew you would achieve it without one single iota of a doubt?  Just share what it is that you would have, what you would be doing, and where you would be.  

Maybe you’d be living somewhere different! 

Maybe you’d be having a slightly different house!

Maybe you’d have a different lifestyle!

All of those things are things that you can have. If you can see it in your mind’s eye, if you can dream it in your mind and in your thoughts, you can have that thing.  

As soon as you know that there is nothing but you standing in your own way, then you can go forward to start taking the steps to achieve those things. It’s only when you have the limiting beliefs, conditioning, and programming just chipping away at that innate confidence, that you start to slow down.  You start to downsize these dreams and these goals. You start to think you can’t have these things. There is no reason why you can’t; absolutely no reason in this world!

If you could have anything in the world, anything at all, share that with me.  Let’s get fired up about how innate our confidence is.  It’s our birth right to have an abundance of things, of opportunities, of success, of confidence, wealth, health, of everything really.  

The very reason we haven’t got it is purely because we don’t believe we can.  

As you move in towards that 100% belief that you can, will, and are able to have these things, that you deserve them, then you will start to gravitate towards them; or rather they gravitate towards you! 

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The opposite may happen when you feel like you can’t have those things -  you’re repelling those things from yourself.  You’re repelling those opportunities, those ideas, and that creativity that will allow you to take the next step towards them. Sometimes you’ll even be stepping further away from it in some kind of way.

If that’s you, STOP.  

Take a moment to close your eyes.  Really think about everything you would have, everything you would be, how life would look when you have everything you want - the health, the happiness, the career of your dreams.  

Whatever health and happiness means to you in an ultimate way, if you can literally see it, dream it, feel it, and almost touch it, then you know you’re moving yourself towards that goal.  You’re moving yourself into alignment and into vibration with what it is that you want.  The opposite is moving out of alignment which means you’re not a match with what you want compared to what you’re talking about and how you’re thinking about what you want.  You have to really be focused.  You have to really be positive.  You have to be able to peel back those layers of where you lost the confidence, where you lost the belief, and how that happened.  

As you do that you’ll start to realise that you have the most incredible power to manifest these things and to achieve these things on a physical level as well as an energetic level just by believing that you can have anything you want.

I absolutely love this stuff!  I love nothing more than helping others to heal at a deep cellular level using my unique blend of earth bound skills such as personal training, nutrition and massage, alongside my more 'woo-woo' gifts of using hypnotherapy to heal the subconscious part of ourselves, energy healing, mindfulness and meditation.  As these combine, I give others permission to allow themselves to become the happiest, healthiest, highest, most successful versions of themselves by embracing all of them, not just the 'good' bits!

If you have big dreams and you are disillusioned about the lack of success in achieving your dreams, I have 2 1:1 coaching spaces in September to guide you to overcome and release these powerful beliefs that are preventing you from having all you desire.  To see if this is a great fit for you, book you complimentary Discovery and Clarity Call here. 

So share away and declare your goals to the world!



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