When to Use a Healer

When should you use a healer?

I am holistic health and life coach, but I realise that my work goes so much deeper than that title suggests.  I help people to heal at a deep cellular level using my unique blend of earth-bound skills like personal training, nutrition, massage, alongside the more alternative healing techniques; things like hypnotherapy to really get to the root cause of why people are finding these obstacles that are manifesting and presenting in their life as challenges, using Akashic Records, Energy Healing and Clearing, Mindfulness and Meditation; really utilising a toolbox of things that help people to achieve the highest, healthiest, happiest version of themselves possible.

I absolutely love to combine the subconscious with energy.  That is where I’m at my happiest- encouraging people to embrace their shadows. Thoughts, feelings and emotions like shame, guilt, embarrassment; the bits that they’d like to change about themselves.  It maybe emotions that you’re not so keen on having as part of you.  I really love to help people turn those into their superpowers because I truly believe everybody (I mean EVERYBODY!) has the potential to be everything they want to be.  It’s just a matter of working out what it is that’s stopping you subconsciously and energetically from getting to that in the first place.

A subject really close to my heart as a healer, lightworker, as a therapist and health coach, I have this deep urge to be able to help people fulfil what it is they’re here to do.  I love allowing other people to feel happier as a result of having contact with me and in turn giving themselves permission to be the happiest, healthiest, highest version of themselves.

Every now and again, you might realise that you need some help, you need some healing in some way.

That can come in the physical form of feeling tired, lethargic, achey, or even injured, or ill.  Or it may look more like being burnt out, feeling stuck with a situation or experience in some kind of pattern or some kind of cycle that you can’t work yourself out of.  You may feel lost or without purpose, disillusioned with what you’re doing where you’re just not feeling you’re moving forwards, whether at work or your career or your life.

Every now and then it’s important to realise that you are human (yes, really!) just like everybody else and you can still get in your own way sometimes because you see the world as you are not as it is.  This is the voice of experience here! ;)

If we’re not able to see beyond the block that’s in front of us, we don’t know that there’s something else beyond that block.  That’s when it’s so important that you reach out to somebody who’s got your back and has your best interests at heart; somebody who can allow you to either see that that block is there so you can start to dismantle it - to look around it, through it, over it, under it, or however you need to get past it - or also to show you what is on the other side.  You can then move forwards feeling hope and excitement amongst the trepidation.  You can feel happiness amongst the fear.  You can start to really see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Using a  healer is the most incredible opportunity for you to do that.

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Once upon a time, when I was in the personal training and physical training side of my business, I would have been so ashamed to ask somebody for help especially if it was in a field that I worked with - fitness, nutrition, even massage.  Even though deep down I knew I needed help with that (and I definitely needed it at the time!) I didn’t ask for it because I was so fearful of what they would think of me.

Here's what I'd say to myself:  "I’m meant to know exactly what I’m doing.  Why can’t I fix this myself?"  All of those thoughts, all of those feelings of shame, of “what if there was somebody I knew there”, all of those self-inflicted judgements and fear of real judgements came up that prevented me from getting help from a healer back then.

But in the last four years I’ve realised that it is courageous and brave to ask for help outside of your field of knowledge and it’s the most incredibly liberating thing that you can do. This applies to any kind of field you are in.

So, if you are that friend who has everybody else open up their hearts to share with you and tell you everything, every now and again you’re going to need a friend or healer who will allow you to be okay to feel low and support you while you lift your energy levels back up.

When you’re in a physical job, your own stressful business, or if you are a therapist, healer and you’re doing Reiki or massage, every now and again you’re going to need a massage.  You’re possibly going to need your energy clearing as well.  Somebody outside of you can often pick up things that you might not be noticing in your own body or in your own energy.

Realising that that part of the process of being your best possible self often needs another healer, to guide and mentor you, to heal you in some kind of way.  This becomes your stepping stone to success, to progression, to moving forward and having that ultimate health that you dream of and to be able to continue being amazing at whatever it is that you do.  

There is no doubt that you’re not much use to anybody if your cup is empty.  You have to ensure that you are filled up, that you are fulfilled, your energy levels, you’re healthy, you’re happy, and you’re feeling balanced in as many ways as you can possibly be at any one time.

Next time you are feeling tired, achey, close to burn out, or stuck and lost, reach out, just reach out and ask, “Have you got my back? Do you think you can just talk me through a grounding exercise? Can I just tell you how I’m feeling? Can you just listen to me for 10 minutes? Just to let you know, it’s probably not going to be all rainbows and roses and unicorns.”

Allow yourself to outlet.

Allow yourself to rebalance.

Allow yourself to ground.

Give yourself that opportunity to heal again, to get yourself back running on a level playing field so you can give your best to yourself but also so you can give your best to other people as well.

My tip for the day is never think twice about reaching out to ask a healer for some support with anything that you might have going on.

It takes courage and it is a brave thing to do especially when the ego aspect of us is kicking in and maybe saying, “What will they think? Will they think differently of me? Will I be bringing the tone down? Will I be the one that’s disappointing everybody? Will they talk about me behind my back?”

Do it because it’s so key for you to take care of yourself especially as these fast and furious, unsettled energies are around. This will allow you to stay fully aware, fully present, energised, and as well as you can be to help you to help other people to be as well as they can be.


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