Why You Are Not Broken and You Don't Need To Be Fixed!

Why You Are Not Broken and You Don't Need To Be Fixed!

Why you are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed!

I wanted to share something has been coming up for me around how we are always looking for something to fix us.

I was the world’s worst in doing this! 

Just under three years ago, I distinctly remember talking to another therapist and saying, “Give me the answers and I’ll do it. Tell me what I’ve got to do and I’ll do it.”  And it was so frustrating for me to have her sit there and say, “You’ll see what those answers are. You’ll find them. But you have to experience this to be able to learn from it and to be able to fix yourself.”  

I have come to believe as that journey has evolved and as I have learned more about myself, as I’m starting to coach more and more people around the world, I’m starting to learn that actually we’re not broken in the first place so we don’t need fixing.

What’s coming up for us is that we want to find that higher version of ourselves - the healthier and happier version of ourselves.  It does not one iota mean that we’re not working or functioning properly in the first place.

Yes we may have picked up stuff along the way – beliefs, conditioning, programming, experiences, habits, ways of behaving and acting thinking and feeling – but there is absolutely nothing in this world that can stop you from also changing that and being different.

But you have to be prepared to discover who that person underneath all of that is, who the real you is, who that identity is, or what that purpose is for you.  

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As you do that you will realise that every single obstacle, every single challenge, every experience - good and bad - every sadness, every loss, every win, every celebration, has just brought you to the place where you have that lightbulb moment(s) - where you realise that this is who you are, that you are perfect just as you are.

If you happen to have those experiences, if you have had all these things that you think maybe have broken you or made you something that’s not good enough or not worthy enough or not lovable enough for some reason, know that all of those have made you the beautiful multi-dimensional being that you are, having this human experience on Earth.

I truly believe that when we can understand on a deep cellular level, that we are NOT broken and that we don’t need to fix ourselves in any way with fads, with diets and quick materialistic fixes, we can honestly understand we have the power right there within ourselves to discover the highest version of ourselves, the happiest version of ourselves, the healthiest version of ourselves.  

We will stop looking for different quick-fix answers and we’ll start looking at deep stuff.  We’ll start peeling back the layers that allow us to make long-term changes, that educate us rather than stick a plaster over the top and hope that the cracks don’t come back open or the wounds don’t come back open.  

They’ll allow us to discover the most incredible potential and power that we have within ourselves, to learn, to heal, that innate potential to be happy, to have everything we want, to see whatever it is we want to see and to have whatever it is we desire.  Be it that relationship, health, happiness, joy, abundance in terms of finances or success or promotions at work, you name it.  It’s not limited to anything at all; it’s unlimited.

The point I really wanted to make, and I hope it has come across, is that you are all perfect in all your vulnerability, normalness and in everything that you bring to the table when you are yourself every day.

It doesn’t make you broken if you are depressed or anxious about something.  It doesn’t make you broken if you feel like you’re constantly unwell.  You might feel that way, but deep down these are experiences that are allowing you the opportunity to learn from them and to overcome them.   In accepting, embracing and overcoming them and learning from them, you become a better person - a happier person.  

Better isn’t even the right word; you’ll just be a higher version of yourself because you’ve been able to learn and understand yourself even more!

I sense this huge potential in being able to take things back to the grassroots of who you are as a person as opposed looking externally for superficial things - material things that can help fix you on the surface, that will help make you look and feel better on the surface.

This is short-lived.  

But when you go deeper, that is when you get the most incredible long-term changes, powerful changes that come from diving into some of those places where you get to look at yourself objectively and look at all the paths that lead to those challenges.

When you look at all those obstacles that pinpoint your way to why, how, and when, you then develop this awe in and of yourself, “Wow! My body coped with that and I’m still here functioning!"

It could be because you’re having a low day, but you’re still here. You’re still functioning.

You’re still working every single day, breathing, heart beating, eyes opening, and you’re still there able to do all of this stuff.  

That in itself should show you just how incredibly powerful you are as a person to be able to have these phenomenal coping skills that allow your body and your mind to cope regardless of what’s going on for you.

Use that!  Use that strength!  Use that inner guidance that’s there within you to help you do that, to get to this next stage and to help you become even happier, healthier, let go of even more weight, drop the anxiety and the depression, to move and just blossom into the person that you’ve always wanted to be.

This is something that I’m really passionate about and today it’s been coming up a lot.  You’re not broken so why do you need to be fixed?  

Let’s just help you understand what is going on with you.  

Let’s just help you understand why this has come about because then you’ll be able to transport yourself into a new pattern - the pattern that makes you feel healthier and happier.

It’s okay if you’re hearing this and you’re thinking, “That’s not going to happen.”

I was there three years ago, so I completely get that; I really do.  

But what you may find is that this has just planted a seed for you in years to come for you to be able to explore that further when the time is right.

If the time is right for you now, let’s do this.  Let’s go into this next chapter.  Let’s move into the happiest, highest, healthiest version of yourself for good.  

There is no going back because once the mind expands and the body starts to follow, there is no going back.  It never shrinks again.

I've got your back!



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