Your Health and Happiness is an Inside Job

Your Health and Happiness is an Inside Job and happiness

So often I see and sense patterns in my clients thoughts, feelings and actions that indicate a block around their health and happiness and today's blog is going to talk about that.

Your health and your happiness is an inside job.

What I mean by that is that if you’re really focusing on external things, trying to change your mood, improve your skin condition, like what exercise you’re doing, what you’re eating, trying to change these habits but noticing that something is not working or you’re not getting the desired results, then turn yourself inwards.

Have a look at what is going on inside of your heart, what’s going on inside of your stomach, and what’s going on inside of your mind.

That might be on a physical level in terms of hormone variances, or gut issues with yeast or candida or bacteria. It could also be an emotional thought or feeling that’s really preventing you from having the motivation or the willpower or the desire to make the changes that you need to make on the outside or that you feel you need to change with outside factors. It could also be a mental thing; it could be some thoughts that are going on, some beliefs, or some programming that needs to change in order for you to change your results on the outside.

If you’re kind of hitting that wall where you’re not sure anything is changing or you’re not noticing the results you want to notice, but you’re only really looking at what you’re changing on the outside of you – what you’re putting on and in your body and how you’re expelling energy in terms of calories expenditure, or you are 'faking it until you make it' – just start to take a moment to look inside of yourself and ask yourself, “Where I’m I feeling stuck? How is this making me feel?” Because that’s normally a good indication of where it is.  

Then you can work out where it is and look inside of that place and ask yourself, “Does this feel like it’s an emotion? Does this like it’s a thought? Does this feel like it’s actually a physical issue that might be going on?”

As soon as you change your perspective to looking inside, you’re going to be able to, from the foundation upwards, start to change what’s going on for you to be able to have the health, the happiness, and to do the actions that you need to do on the outside.  As you work on the inside simultaneously, you are literally going to be transforming things for you - your results, the way you experience it with ease and grace and flow, as opposed to effort and slog and hard work and sacrifice.

You’re going to feel the empowerment that comes from knowing that you have this strong foundation underpinning everything that you’re doing on the outside. And by doing that, you’re going to realise that you can make these changes for the long term.

You can make these permanent changes.

You can tweak them whenever you need to because consistently you are reinforcing new beliefs, new patterns, new actions, and new reactions that will help you to create brilliant positive experiences in your life.  Your brain, your subconscious, your mind, and your body is going to want more of that as opposed to what it feels like it’s struggling with at the moment.

In short, my message to you is, just remind yourself that it’s okay to look inside at the deeper stuff that’s going on when something on the outside doesn’t feel like it’s showing you what it is that you want to be experiencing for all the effort and the work that you feel like you’re putting in. This is because your health and happiness is an inside job.  It’s really going to start with you on the inside deciding that you’re ready to look at what’s going on deeper than the effort that you’re putting on the outside feels. As soon as you do that everything gets easier.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out or comment on here.

If there is anything you are unsure of, if it’s reminded you of anything or given you any lightbulb moments, just let me know.

I love to hear back from you.

If you know you have your own blocks and want coaching and support to break through them, you are ready to take charge of your health, life and/or soulful based, holistic business and up level, then lets chat.  I have been gifted with the skills and ability to tap into the depths of your souls desires to discover the inner dialog that is preventing you from being in alignment with your true self which expresses itself in your health, life and business challenges.  If this is calling you, I would love to off you a free clarity call to discuss how working with me will help you transform your life and health.  



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