Hey!  I'm Leila!  

Are you ready to embark on a holistic health journey that will last for the rest of your life?

You know you want to be happy, healthy and confident with an amazing relationship with yourself and others, but here's the reality...

You only know you've tried everything to achieve this before and you're sick and tired of giving up over and over - you're not even sure you can fix one health or life challenge you have and keep it fix forever because you've never been there-for long, if at all, let alone ALL the health and life challenges you have going on.

The things you've been doing to become the woman you dream of being just aren't working for you and you pretty much believe now, that you must've been born this way and should just accept that you're always going to be more poorly, achey, overweight, tired, rubbish at relationships than you want to be.

I've been there, done that and I've discovered all the magic ingredients for success - for the long-term.  All you have to do to dive into these ingredients for yourself is enter your details below to start yourself off with a powerful hypnosis landing in your inbox!



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If you have struggled with health challenges for years, and still are not where you want to be, but instead, you now have an unhealthy relationship with yourself, your emotions are all over the place as you swing from frustration to faked happiness and you know your body and mind is struggling to cope with the way you feel, then you've come to the right place.

My Mission...

Is to empower people to accept themselves, understand, discover and work with themselves, so they can overcome their health issues, become the person they want to be AND have the energy, confidence, relationships and happiness in life they want to have.

I do this by...

Guiding you through identifying your obstacles to ultimate health, breaking them down, breaking through them and finally transforming your thinking, feelings, actions and therefore, your results-your relationship with your Self and others and your physical and emotional health, for good.  I coach you to practice 'out of the box' techniques that are all too often overlooked in the traditional journey of becoming more healthy, which leads to extraordinary transformation.

Want in?

I can't blame you...this is life changing, health changing, weight changing, relationship changing magic!  Check out the options below and see how you can get in on all this juicy goodness!