In Depth Testimonials


tirza schaefer

Leila, I have been struggling with integrating spiritual concepts and relating them into everyday mundane life for about two decades. I read hundreds of books, but was always at a loss when it came to turn my intellectual knowledge into a physical reality. I didn’t know how to combine the two worlds, thus having two separate realities where one was merely an intellectual exercise with no bearing on “real” life.

Until I met you. You have the uncanny ability to turn the most lofty concepts into hands-on, buckle-down real life instruction manuals. The way you explain seemingly complicated concepts in an easy and relatable way is uncanny. Since I have met you on Facebook and joined your group a few short months ago, my life has changed dramatically.

I have learned to have compassion with myself, where I before could only feel it for others. I have begun to love and accept myself without having to be perfect, good enough, etc. I have started to see my qualities and talents more clearly and am able to appreciate a lot more who I am and what I am worth. I have even gained a different perspective on my body and I must admit, I totally put that area on the backburner because I had not yet felt ready for it with everything else going on at once in my life.

You have been there throughout, encouraging and supporting me. Our sessions, whether they were discussions, meditations or hypnotherapy, have all had a profound impact on me and facilitated deep inner growth. I have become consistently happier and emotional fluctuations have levelled out considerably. I found an inner peace I did not know existed and after facing some fears and challenges I encountered in my life and family, I find myself in a state of bliss and a reality where everything seems to flow easily into place for me.

I have found my creativity again after over a year of not writing fiction and now it is flowing again. Your lives in your Facebook group give real information and I sit every week with pen and paper and take notes to ensure I have not missed any gems of wisdom. The Reiki course I am currently doing with you has also already led to some profound experiences and while travelling in the UK, I felt like I was transported into a magical world where even in rainy, grey weather, everything was brighter and more magical.

To list everything that happened would probably fill a novel in itself, but the most important factor in all of it is that you really made me understand how to apply spiritual concepts in my life, rather than having them divorced from mundane reality. You explain clearly and give real-life examples. You share your own experience and insights you have gained from working with others, too.

Your loving and compassionate nature invites trust and I’ve seen many very guarded people have breakthroughs and opening up to others in your group. It is wonderful to see that I am not a single case, but that this kind of development is the usual for people who really get involved in your group and with you as a teacher and I am deeply grateful that I have also in this way made new friends who share love and support for not only themselves, but others, too.

This genuine atmosphere of healing, sisterhood and mutual support is invaluable and has brought so much happiness not only into my life. I also feel it in the people around me, most of all my children. There is much less squabbling going on at home and any upsets, I am better able to handle with more patience and love and a heightened ability to stay calm and not being drawn into anyone else’s bad mood.

Also, I am much better at blending out anyone bringing negative energies into my life. I don’t even react to it anymore and just shut the chat window or put down the phone without being upset about it afterwards still. I can just let it go, which I learned from you as well. I don’t have to be perfect and fulfil everyone else’s expectations of me. I have deserved to be happy and live my life according to what constitutes my own happiness and that of my children.

You’ve not only said it was okay, but you gave examples of how one can draw one’s self out of these negative situations and distance one’s self from toxic people, so I had a good idea of how to approach it all in my life. You really are a health and “life” coach, because you cover all aspects of life, not only a particular one or two, alleviating symptoms in one area and allowing them to manifest in another way in another area, but addressing the root causes and facilitating healing on the deepest level.

Your Rapid Transformational Therapy really is that: rapid and transformational. I don’t think I’ve had so much continuous growth in such a short time before and most of all, I am not going bananas over it, which has usually been the case in the past, including feelings of being “spaced out” and emotional rollercoasters.

Now it feels like everything gently false into place, synchronistic events in my life increase rapidly and I still feel an inner peace and not an unsettling situation. I have also learned not to try to force things too hard, too fast through you. Your compassion and gentle reminding to allow myself the space and time to integrate the changes in my life have really helped me to get off the guilt-trip wagon over not being fast enough, good enough… enough, period.

So when I say thank you for all you have done and continue to do, it is not a mere phrase, it is a heartfelt statement of my appreciation, gratitude and love from the core of my heart. So, THANK YOU!


julie hannath-randle

Before enrolling on mindset bootcamp with Leila, I was overweight, borderline obese.  I was lost and on a slow path to self destruction.  I was happy in my home and marriage but felt too embarrassed about my size to go out with friends, often making excuses as I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and my appearance. I would always stand on the end of a group on photographs so that I could edit the shot and crop myself slimmer later before allowing anyone to see it.  I felt bloated, ashamed of my appearance and I genuinely felt like the black sheep of the family having 3 beautiful slim sisters. I have tried numerous diets over the years but always putting the weight back on after a few months.  

I had a very abusive childhood and although my immediate family knew the truth, I kept it hidden from other family members, my husband and my friends.  I never associated this with my weight problem.  I knew I had a sadness inside, a painful secret that I could not discuss that was eating me up.

Leila, you made me feel safe and I felt that you understood me, you knew I had reservations and you told me that it would probably not all be rosy, but that I was in a safe container and that you would help me through the process of offloading this burden that I carried.  I was at one stage ready to back-out of the program before even starting as I just felt too frightened to divulge the terrible secret that had been eating away at me for 43 years.

I had been for counselling in the past but this was different, the whole bootcamp felt like a place where I could say anything and you and the other bootcampers would understand and would not judge me, we were a team, a support network and whatever we were up against we were able to talk it through and use the techniques you had taught us to put things in to perspective and see a way through the difficult stuff.  Eventually with guidance, the difficult stuff started to feel like no big deal, my health, physically and mentally started to improve.

I have lost a stone in weight through exercise, healthy eating and certainly not dieting.  I love the techniques you taught us, I love meditation, the visualisations, even the hypnosis, it feels like we are just relaxing. I cannot express how much I have got from this program it is certainly life changing and I feel the word bootcamp is not a descriptive enough word to tell people what we have learned, it is so much more than a bootcamp.

I love the spiritual side of me that has emerged, I love that you have taught us that we can go in to our heart space and the self analysis techniques I am now using to ask myself why I react to things or why I feel a certain way about things.

I feel I have just had one of the most valuable gifts handed to me, 6 weeks of self analysis and 6 weeks of life changing techniques to take forward in to my new life.  I feel like I have been given a new lease of life, permission to leave behind the burden of all those years of pain, shame and guilt. I love my life and can't wait to carry on living it - the best is certainly yet to come - thank you so much Leila xx


helen wilkinson

I have struggled with low self esteem since childhood and as a result have always found difficulty in seeing or accepting positive things about myself and my life. Prior to hypnotherapy with Leila, I was at times very fearful and struggled with anxiety and panic. This coupled with chronic joint pain, affected my ability to sleep and to concentrate during the day. Fear of the deteriorating joint condition was feeding the negative cycle and at work I felt increasingly affected by feelings of being unable to cope, particularly in situations involving conflict or argument.

I was a hypno-sceptic. My only direct experience of hypnotherapy was at a group event, which had absolutely no effect on me. I had read many self help books and tried meditation and various therapies but hypnotherapy is not something I would ever have considered were it not for my friendship with Leila. I had no pre-conceived expectations but decided to keep an open mind and put my total trust in her, believing that if Leila could help me to turn around my negative outlook and improve my mindset, she would be able to help anyone.Leila encouraged me to discuss my priorities and set outcomes for the therapy. She listened and explored and understood straight away that in simple terms I was "fearful of being fearful".

Hypnotherapy is not how I imagined it to be. I experienced it as a deep relaxation and felt present throughout as Leila counted me down unseen steps into my consciousness and my distant memories. I was able to recall early childhood fears clearly and then later, to be able to physically draw some of them to look at and dismiss them so they no longer controlled me. Leila recorded the hypnotic suggestion which I played at bedtime to help with the fear and insomnia and if I woke up I would play it again.

My panic disappeared almost immediately but I still had some issues around feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough, so 2 months later, Leila did a top up session where we looked more specifically at childhood memories around being alone and being in trouble. I had also been struggling for over two weeks with pelvic pain, requiring analgesia in the night so Leila talked me through a healing hypnosis with quite dramatic results. I felt significant releases and shivers at the time, results which continued the next day with a detox effect so dramatic that my clothes felt looser by lunch time and when I weighed myself at tea time I had lost 5 lbs in 24 hours! My pelvic pain had gone and I could sit cross legged for the first time in years.

There have been so many positives from working with Leila, from understanding where my problems came from, to feeling I can let go and move forward but if I have to pick the single best result, it has to be:  Finally understanding that being me IS good enough...and finding myself smiling alone!

Thank you so much Leila