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Replay of the live hypnosis for long-term weight loss.

As promised...

Here's the replay of the live hypnosis session you requested!  


  • Position yourself somewhere comfortable where you won't be disturbed or interrupted for at least 30 minutes.
  • Listen daily for a minimum 21 days, without interruption.
  • Sit or lie with feet and hands not touching.
  • Aim to listen when awake and alert for a minimum of 3 times, then you may listen as you go to sleep.
  • Headphones are optional.
  • Have a glass of water nearby for after the session.  There are huge energetic shifts that occur during hypnosis, so you body needs to be hydrated to allow those shifts to be processed effectively.
  • If you have any health challenges and are not sure whether hypnosis is suitable for you, then contact me privately to confirm.
  • By attending live or listening to a replay of the hypnosis, you are taking full responsibility and acknowledging that you are emotionally and physically healthy and well to be participating in hypnosis.

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On the live hypnosis, I talked about where to do to find out more about working at a much deeper level, for you specific needs.  Here's where you can find out all the details about that!