Your 14 Day Mind, Body and Spirit Cleanse

Are you ready to embrace the Winter months or are you feeling tired, lethargic and low already as the seasons transition and Winter feels like a tough subject to talk about right now?

Facing burnout in your life or business and need to give your mind, body and spirit a break to breathe and recharge?

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  • Do you want more Energy, Clarity and Intuitive insights in your life?
  • Do you want better Sleep, Skin and digestion?
  • Do you want to feel happier, more positive and more productive in your work?

This 14 day cleanse is designed to take you through a journey of release and healing at every level of your being; mind, body and spirit.

You'll be using subconscious mindset and healing work, nutritional and physical activity coaching and energy clearing and healing.

There are 2 ways to take part in the cleanse:

Option 1:  Including a nutritional cleanse package (valued at $180) $222

Option 2:  Without a nutritional cleanse $145


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