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I was sitting right where you are now (hiding behind that laptop...yep! I see you lady!)

Not all that long ago either.

... I was broken, heavier than ever...but I didn't know where to begin to change that because I had tried everything and failed.

... I thought I could figure it out all on my own, I knew exactly what I needed to do, because hey, I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  That had to count for something, right?

... I daren't ask for help because I worried what people would think of me.

... I tried my hardest to pull myself out of eating funk after eating funk, only to feel like I was being pulled back by something I had no control over - spooky huh?!

... I tried everything out there and it always worked for a few weeks, then something came up and I lost the willpower and motivation.

...I looked everywhere online for professional help, but in amongst the abundance of help for undereating disorders, there was very little available for overeaters.

... I felt out of control...down...depressed...frustrated...stuck...sad...a real downward spiral of emotions.

... I thought I could never be like those people you see who eat like a horse and put nothing on.

...I knew there had to be a way to become the person I had always dreamed of being-slim, trim, toned, happy, confident and radiant.

In February 2015, I broke down, then I broke through, then the transformation happened...


It was simply a matter of making a single choice. A choice that will change everything...

 ...and I made that choice there and then when I was at rock bottom.

I sought out and invested in many alternative therapists for myself.  I learned from my mentors of years gone by as a massage therapist myself and network marketing professional, I became a curious little minx about every thing in my world, within me and around me!

And as I healed myself of some cruel food addictions, confidence issues and emotional aches and pains, I saw my weight dropping and my body shape transforming.  I sense that these changes were happening because I was applying the knowledge I had known for years at a much deeper level than just trying to diet or lose weight.  I was changing my Self.


  • I realised I had an endless supply of knowledge and experience about fitness from my decade long career as a Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor and Pilates instructor.

  • I knew I had the knowledge and qualifications about nutrition to advise people how best to lose weight.

  • I knew as a massage therapist that I was working to heal others' energy all the time to allow them to make transformational improvements in their health.
  • I believed in myself as a network marketing business coach to be able to set powerful, clear goals and break them down into bitesize, actionable steps and I knew I could coach others to do exactly the same.

  • As I had implemented some incredibly simple, yet transformational techniques into my daily routine, I knew I could coach others to do the same.

  • I qualified as a transformational clinical hypnotherapist which allowed me to dive so much deeper into healing not only myself, but others too.

  • I knew I had to bring all of these powers and strengths together to ensure other women just like you, no longer have to figure out weight loss and their self-destruct patterns for themselves, or was for a break down to achieve their break through.

'Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no-one alive who is You-er than You.'  
Dr. Seuss

Want to read all the gory details about why I do what I do?  

Read on...

2006 - I qualified as a reflexologist after a 12 year fascination with how it could heal the body (I was at school at that point!)

I was aware of my weight changing often and going from diet to diet as long as I can remember, I remember being aware that I was the biggest, heaviest (and tallest) girl as I moved up from primary to secondary school at 11.  By 2006 I had tried everything out there, every fad, every plan, every diet, every weight loss supplement and nothing had helped me lose weight and keep it off.  I was very aware of my weight, but not why I was this weight, I just thought I liked food.

2007 - I became a Personal Trainer, incorporating circuit training, core stability and torso training, applied nutrition, psychology of behavioural change, nutrition and weight management, GP referral and exercise.

I started practicing as a personal trainer and reflexologist from home alongside my full time job.

I'd notice that as I was due to attend courses, I'd fall into a cycle of binge eating and overindulging, often leading to discomfort and lethargy at the courses.  I didn't realise until years later that self-doubt in my abilities played a huge part in my harmful relationship with food.

2008 - I qualified as an advanced Pilates instructor, really finding an affinity with the power of the body to stay balanced and in good health with the help of stretching and meditation-I loved teaching meditation as part of a whole body experience.  This was my first connection to the mind-body experience.

I had held my first weight management group program and I was also a part of that myself-this was my first taste of the pressure of having to practicing what I was preaching and I didn't cope well with it-I went to an extreme low fat, low calorie diet and couldn't maintain it so ended up at square one within a few months.

2009 - I became an exercise to music instructor and started teaching a couple of classes a week whilst working my 9-5.  I became a Zumba instructor in every discipline just as the incredible wave of Zumba took the UK by storm.

I qualified as a Swedish massage therapist as I knew I wanted to work more with healing people of their aches and pains.

I embarked on a qualification in Spinal Touch Massage-a little known but incredibly powerful massage technique which releases pain and dis-ease by realigning out of balance muscles and joints.  The huge undercurrent of this technique was working with the energy of the client, which created profound transformations in peoples' wellbeing-this was my first encounter of the powerful mind-body-spirit connection.

Teaching some exercise classes was rewarding, but I was not a natural instructor-I had to practice choreography and routines over and over and it took up a lot of extra time in between the 9-5 and teaching classes and massaging.  I'd become a secret eater now, hiding empty bags of fast food, creamy foods, and chocolate behind the car seats, or taking the bags to the outside bins before I came into the house, only to have dinner as normal with everyone else.

2010 - I quit my full-time job and became a full-time fitness instructor and massage therapist.  I'd travel around my county teaching classes and alternate between being at home massaging and teaching in local schools and community halls.  Classes were in demand and I was teaching 7 days a week, often until 9pm.

Being so active meant I could offset much of my terrible eating habits, so people didn't really notice.  On my wedding day, I was slim, lean, toned and the thinnest I had ever been, but beneath the surface there was a turbulent, self-sabotaging undercurrent that had developed.

2011 - classes were busy, I had also qualified in deep tissue massage and facial rejuvenation massage to develop my healing skills.  The calming massage side of my business was a beautiful contrast to the high-impact, strenuous, loud and fast fitness side.

Although busy, classes full and in demand, I was tired and had lost the balance of being at home as much as I used to be.  Towards the end of 2011, I decided to bring everything I did into one town, all under one roof and I started planning to open my own studio, imagining it would mean I could be close to home, would travel less and be home earlier.  

Alongside the studio, I wanted to also offer my clients a range of nutritional health supplements, so I became a Forever Business Owner.  This was when the door to personal development really opened up to me.

During the busyness of work, I found solace in food, with the mentality that now I was as active as I was, I could eat whatever I wanted.

2012 - my studio opened, although fulfilling and exciting to have expanded my business to this point, I had even less time than before-starting earlier, finishing later and also becoming the receptionist, cleaner, book keeper, caterer and marketer as well as choreographer, instructor, personal trainer and massage therapist.  In a very short space of time I was close to burn out, and I decided to close the studio to come back to work from home.  I had built a significant income alongside Forever Living Products in that time, and I was so grateful that I could take this difficult decision to stop teaching classes and focus on massaging from home.

Throughout 2012, my eating patterns had gone from extreme to extreme-thank goodness I had been consuming the incredible nutritional supplements I was helping others with, which were keeping me in good health despite my unconscious attempts to the opposite. 

2013 - building a passive income alongside Forever Living Products became the dominating business and I became super focused on achieving all the great things that come with it-all expenses paid holidays, cars, incentives.  I learned and coached to others the incredible powers of goal setting, dream building and breaking them down into simple actionable steps so they too could be successful.  And they were!

All through 2013, I struggled with the feeling of having a failed business under my belt.  I became aware that my relationship with food was indirectly proportionate to my belief in myself-as I grew in confidence, my eating improved, as I doubted myself, my eating got much worse.  Removing the 25 hours + of weekly exercise classes from my routine had an inevitable effect on my weight, my size and my confidence, until September, when I got myself back 'on the wagon'.  In December 2013, I was the thinnest and lightest I had ever been; but I was barely eating anything and I was running a lot.

2014 - business was ticking over nicely and I was enjoying having some balance back in our lives'.  I was massaging 2 days a week and developing my network marketing business on the other 3 days.  I was loving exploring and implementing a morning ritual, of mindset work, meditation, visualisations and affirmations, albeit not consistently.

By February 2014, I had fallen off the wagon again.  The extreme dieting was not maintainable.  I started to notice a pattern though...this often happened at this time of year, but I'd always put it down to post Xmas/new year resolution lull or winter blues, but this time I started to look a little deeper at anything else that had happened at this time of year in my life.  And something did crop up...this time of year was the time our dad left us when I was 11 years old.  Not that I thought it had affected me at the time, but it could've been a possible cause, so I didn't discount it.  But nothing changed after that realisation, so I just struggled on to keep my weight in check through the year. 

In October 2014, a week after my birthday I received a phonecall from my niece; my big sister, her mum, had not woken up that morning.  My world fell apart in that moment.  Despite the chaos of emotions; sadness, fear, grief, disbelief, I vowed to work even harder on my Forever business to build a bigger income to help support our whole family, including my two nieces, so I ploughed myself into that.

I was on a self-destruct mission.  I was fuelled on milky coffee, biscuits for breakfast, skipping lunch and having a huge dinner.  There was no food that I wouldn't or couldn't eat, everything in sight and the upcoming Christmas meant I could indulge in all the foods that were readily available at that time of year.

2015 - I kept ploughing on with the business despite having to take sudden days off because I was simply overwhelmed with emotion, which I beat myself up over constantly-I pride myself on being the happy, positive one.  In September of 2015, things started to change in business for me in a truly enlightening, positive way. 

In February, I hit rock bottom.  In secretly bingeing, I had finished a box of Christmas biscuits and had pushed the open end of the box against the cupboard so it looked sealed until I could buy a replacement.  That wasn't the first time I'd done that either, only this time I had got caught out.  I felt so ashamed and I just knew in this moment that I was completely out of control.  I looked online to see if I could find some online support where I could still retain some anonymity-there was nothing.  I concluded I must be depressed and decided to pluck up the courage to make an appointment with the GP to see if there was anything that might soften the pain.

That next day, I had an existing appointment booked in with a natural therapist.  I'm not one to cancel appointments, so despite not wanting to go, I put my brave face on and headed off, but it was clear to her when I arrived that something was very wrong.  I was a very 'everything is awesome!' kind of girl, no matter what was going on behind the scenes, it must've been so hard to work with me!  But she muscle tested, talked, asked questions and had narrowed the problems she was sensing down to two issues...and then she waited for me to respond with what those issues may be.  I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her about my food issues-I'd never told a soul.  So in my slowed down, calmer state she had helped me into, something else came up.  I was sooooo angry at my dad for something he had done back in October after my sister had died.  He'd stepped back into our lives' to be more involved, yet at the funeral, he didn't turn up, with no contact or reason.  In hindsight, it had thrown me right back to being 11 years old when he left and our parents separated and feeling unwanted, unlovable, believing I must've done something really bad for him to leave us and want nothing to do with us anymore.  11 year old thinking eh?...  So the therapist worked with that, we released energy and emotions around it and off I went.  Driving home, I noticed I felt different.  There wasn't a usual pang of fighting the urge to stop at the local convenience shop to grab some sweet, stodgy foods.  I went home and craved fresh vegetables and fruit, water instead of coffee and the void that always seemed unfillable, was gone.  I left it a week to see if I'd slip back, after all, I'd been in similar spots before.  But I didn't-it was like something had changed and shifted inside of me.  I set about curiously finding out why this had happened, I researched, I looked at other possible obstacles and memories that had been in my way and started to understand and change those too.

A week later, I broke my silence to my natural therapist and told her about what had happened.  A week after that, I opened up to a wonderful group of women who accepted everything I told them about my deepest, darkest secret and they still loved me regardless.  A few days later, I told my husband.  All my fears of what people would think of me were unfounded.  I grew stronger and happier and healthier with every day.  I guess I had been waiting most of my life for someone to reach out to me to ask me whether I had a problem, when all the time, the capability to change was right there inside of me.

The seed had been planted by now.  I surely wasn't the only woman who had been in this situation.  Were they still stuck? Had they had a break down to experience a break through?  Could I find a way to speed up the process for others so that they don't have year after painful year of trying to figure out why they can't lose weight healthily, and keep it off?  I implemented my morning ritual and decided to make it non-negotiable from this point onwards, no matter what the day, emotion or stress.  I set about learning everything I possibly could about the mind and it's link to eating disorders, it's power to create our reality based upon out of date conditioning and programming, it's power to protect us, yet destroy us.  I became fascinated with how trapped emotions stored in our body affect our health on every level of our lives'.  I learned and learned and learned-I invested heavily in online and offline courses, books and CD's and slowly I could piece together a picture of how the link between overeating and food addictions connect so strongly to our minds and our past and our emotions, and more importantly, how to undo that link to create new positive habits and behaviours.

A few months passed and I could see and feel my body and mind changing as my metabolism was starting to learn that I was no longer swinging from starvation to overindulgence and my morning ritual was levelling the rollercoaster of emotions life throws at you.  I was being kinder to myself, opening up more about my true emotions to others, which was a key turning point for me.

September 2015 - I started to feel inside that I needed to be helping other women through their journey of being stuck in a yo-yo, self-destructive cycle with food, to break though and transform the relationship with food, their weight and their health and happiness, just as I was doing.  But I didn't know where to start.  Stop personal training? Stop massaging? Start life coaching? But my heart and passion lies with healing people with my hands.  How could I still do everything I love AND help women to overcome their food addictions and lose weight on a deeper level than just exercise more and eat less?

As the Universe would have it, the solution found me!  I fell upon an invite to join a pioneering new hypnotherapy course-the first in the country, only 30 people in the UK were invited - it is a method of hypnotherapy that cures people in one 90 minute session.  I accepted it with both hands, just knowing this was something that fascinates me, and if nothing else, it would help myself, but at best could help other people too.

My relationship with food had remained positive and healthy, not perfect by any means yet, but what I had noticed was that a) it was not the end of the world for me anymore if I did slip out of a ‘clean’ way of eating and b) I could now observe and understand why these ‘slips’ were happening and link them back to what was happening for me in those situations, that may have come from out of date conditioning, or emotional links.  I had gained awareness of my Self.  I went back to the gym for the first time-I enjoyed being the one who was being taught, rather than the teacher-I had to step away from my ego and pride that people may recognise me and wonder why I was so big now, even though I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  Instead of using exercise as a punishment like I had done in the past, it was like a healing experience for me each time I went-like it was piecing parts of me back together after years of self-harm and damage.

December 2015 - I qualified as a Marisa Peer Method (MPM) hypnotherapist!  The course changed me at a deep soul level-I had come to understand my mind more than I ever had done, I had broken through my self-doubt and I felt unstoppable in following my desire to help other women with my passion and I knew I could do this using ALL of my qualifications and experience-why leave that behind when it is sooooo powerfully useful to the cause of helping people beat their food addictions, lose weight, stop their aches and pains and get more confidence?  I had gained a tool that allowed me to not only explore my own mind, but to allow others to explore theirs too, so they could understand and re-programme their own minds.

Christmas was notoriously a difficult time for me with all that festive food around, but this year was completely different.  enjoyed eating a wide range of foods, but I didn’t need to eat to excess-in fact, I was satisfied very easily and I even enjoyed more that the obligatory one annual brussel sprout!  I no longer had thoughts that were dominated by food.  The freedom and liberation that brings is incredible; from once planning the next meal before I’d even finished the one I was eating, to completely forgetting about food until I was hungry.

January 2016 - Now, MPM hypnotherapy was already a significant part of my business, I was experiencing huge fulfilment at seeing the changes in clients within 90 minutes of working with them, word was getting around about the transformational results that were occurring ‘in the room’ with me and I knew this had to be part of my life from hereonin.  I was working with a range of conditions, from anxiety and phobias, to fertility, but I knew ultimately that my heart was being pulled to help women who were just like me; struggling with their weight issues, not able to control them, suffering from confidence issues as a result and general aches and pains too.  So that’s what I set about doing; creating programs that would help lovely ladies, both on a one to one basis and in a small group format, to ‘beat their food addictions, lose weight, stop their aches and pains and get more confidence.’

I could see now that on odd occasions, there were situations that arose where I had to work with what I now knew about myself.  If I was placed in a position where previously, I would’ve binged or I felt myself slipping back, I could look at the situation with fresh, curious eyes and create a choice for myself-stay the same as always and never changes, or change the habit of a lifetime and create a new pathway for my future.  I chose the latter every time, even if it felt it would be difficult at times-I never want to go back to how I was 2 years ago.  Ever.

June 2016 - As I narrowed down my zone of genius, more and more ladies were achieving incredible transformations with their weight, their confidence, but most importantly, their relationship with food.  The foundation of ‘Break it Down, Break Through and Transform’ (BDBTT) was born and the business has grown from strength to strength from there.  Based on taking focused, determined women on a supported journey through their weight loss, setting powerful goals, removing limiting beliefs and old negative food programming, creating limitless confidence and self-belief, removing aches and pains, simplifying the information out there about what you should and should’t eat, implementing a super powerful morning ritual and then ultimately, becoming consistent, so the transformations become more and more powerful for the rest of their lives’.  A journey of going from fearful and anxious about the future, to recognising triggers and addressing them, to becoming curious and steadfast in exploring what is available for them for the future.

I am 3.5 stone down (approximately-I no longer feel the need to weigh myself, I consistently focus on how I feel and how my clothes feel when I’m wearing them).  To have maintained that consistent, steady weight loss for over a year was previously unimaginable for me.  My body thanks me every day for going from fast weight loss, that was back on within a few months, to a gradual weight loss transformation.  My body is toned and strong as a result of consistency taking care of my body, not only with exercise, but self-care-massage, stretching, yet respecting it’s limits and boundaries.  

'I didn't conquer or defeat my food addictions, I've left them behind.  And as my mind left them behind, my body followed.'

October 2016 - I qualified as a Reiki Practitioner to further support my clients through their long-term weight loss journey at a deep, soul level.

I could see that the methods and strategies I had used to heal myself from my food addictions were also transforming the lives of others' with a variety of health and happiness issues, not just weight challenges.  Business expanded and diversified into Holistic Health & Life Coaching with weight no longer being the sole focus, but address health and life challenges in a broader way, using the same methods I created myself.

February 2017 - Qualifying as a Chakredy(R) practitioner allowed me to make energy work more tangible, for myself and for my clients.

Accessing this deeper knowledge of energy allowed a blossoming of the energy healing and spiritual coaching as my intuitive and healing gifts emerged and became even stronger.  The prominence of these intuitive insights were pulling me into the higher realms in a positive, liberating way; healing myself even further, growing in more confidence, visibility in my business and growing globally as a holistic health and life coach.

May 2017 - As a Reiki Master now, the power to heal people both in person and remotely was accelerated and my work became more and more online, reaching all over the world.

Whilst applying the grounded, scientific approaches to health and life through nutrition, movement and the subconscious, harnessing the power of spiritual, energy skills deepened the incredible transformative work I was doing with clients, allowing them to be even happier, healthier and achieving their Ultimate Health.

July 2017 - Working within the Akashic Records deepened the healing work I could do with clients around their limiting beliefs, negative programming as I could access all information from past lives', ancestral patterns and guidance for clients from their higher self.

Accessing this new and very different skill (from what I have been used to!) opened up a whole new world of potential for myself and my clients!  As I spent more time in my Akashic Records, new intuitive gifts came available to me, clarity and creativity in my business emerged even more so and as a result, my business grew even more too.  This lead to adding the business piece into my coaching work when required.

November 2017 - I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, clocking up over 450 hours of client work and continuous professional development.

January 2018 - Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, the dream of taking people on a journey from healing themselves, to building a successful business healing others starts to come true.

This is not written to impress you, but impress upon you that you too could have all these benefits of changing yourself at a deep level and more, if you have the determination to succeed, the courage to dive deep into what has brought your health and happiness challenges about and the commitment to take consistent action to pursue the life of your dreams.

I believe that every person deserves to be able to enjoy a healthy, happy, exciting life, with the confidence and motivation they want, without being slowed down or stopped by aches, pains and self doubt and limiting beliefs.  My purpose is to empower you to become the highest version of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in personal and online sessions, no matter what your age, shape and size, or where you are in the world.  Leila does this using Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, energy healing and the Akashic Records, based on years of experience in fitness and massage and energy healing. 

Each person achieves that through superior, online and offline coaching and mentoring in every dimension of their lives', changing their bodies, their knowledge, their mindset to become naturally more motivated to achieve the life of their dreams. 

There are key points of this journey I’d like to share with you and I share these in my 6 step soulful strategies for Ultimate Health and Happiness:

'When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves'.  Viktor Frankl.

Spot emerging patterns - anniversaries, emotions, conflicts, repeating cycles.

Observe triggers - holidays, arguments, celebrations, foods.

The people who hurt you the most, are most often your greatest teachers.

Get help, follow the signs and beautiful coincidences that lead you to a positive pathway for help and support.

Understand how you tick - accept that you have to work with it instead of fight it.  your darkest moments CAN become your super powers if you allow them to be.

When you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing - it’s not easy sharing a difficult, emotional relationship you have with food, but when you do, it takes all the control it has over you, away.

Ride the rollercoaster - life will throw you lemons, so learn how to make lemonade instead of getting bashed and bruised by them.

Take your time - slow and steady wins the race.  When you have steadfast, solid belief in yourself, it doesn’t matter how long ultimate health takes.  Most go quick because they think then they will be okay when that something knocks them sideways-when in fact, they won’t be okay.

This is YOUR journey - No matter what your journey, good, bad or downright ugly, you're here right now for a reason.  The pain, the shame, the upset, the anger-it's all part of your journey.  It may not be clear yet exactly why this has been your life up to now, but it will become clear and eventually, you will be grateful for every learning experience that you have been part of.

Now you've seen me, warts'n'all, if you absolutely know it's a deep desire of yours to connect and work with me, knowing I get you, I understand the journey you've been on up to this point and you know you have that same desire, drive and determination to overcome your demons as I did... 

Click right here to see the ways I work with people just like you.

'I am not here to show you my truth, but to reflect back to you, your truth - which is that you are enough, just as you are.'