Grow your intuition, heal your life using Reiki - Level I & II

The 8 week online course for empathic women who are exploring and expanding their spiritual, intuitive and healing gifts, who are stuck in low confidence and not believing in their abilities to help themselves and others with energy healing.

runs may 22nd - july 10th

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Are you so sick of wondering if your intuitive gifts really exist after all the research you have done?

Are you done with not trusting your intuition and energy healing abilities even though you deeply know you are intuitive?

Are you tired of not knowing what to do to heal yourself of energy blocks and patterns that show up in your life?


As a woman, starting to embark on your spiritual journey, or learning that you are and always have been intuitive is a pretty steep learning curve.

When I first started out on my own spiritual and intuitive journey, I craved guidance and support because I was curious to get to know and enhance my intuitive abilities, but I also knew I wanted to use my abilities to help others.

Do you feel the same way?

I felt really shy about talking about my new spiritual beliefs I was forming and reeeaaallly shy about telling my family and friends! If you’re anything like I used to be, you probably don’t feel fully confident in using your gifts and abilities to help others and don’t know where to start when it comes to learning more about energy healing using your intuition, even though you may already be an energy healer, perhaps even learned Reiki previously.

When I first started my spiritual journey, Reiki helped activate my intuition, helped me identify my intuitive abilities and amplify my own healing power, which lead to me feeling happier and healthier in all parts of my life; my relationships, my health, my business.

Once I had learned Reiki, I was left not really knowing how to use it to its full potential - there were so many techniques available that the one and two day course that I did only covered a small handful of techniques and I wanted to be able to learn them all!

As an online entrepreneur, I wanted to learn how to use Reiki in my online business too; not just directly with clients, but in my marketing, videos and meditations too. There was nothing out there, so I created my own methods to powerfully integrate Reiki healing into all my work online.

When I did start trusting and using my intuition more and using Reiki with my clients in direct healing and coaching sessions, they were receiving incredible insights, intuitive messages of guidance and healing within the sessions, allowing them to shift money blocks, increase in confidence and grow their business and go on to create their own healing businesses and healing modalities.

In my own marketing posts and live videos, I experienced deeper connections with my soul-mate clients, more people resonated with the words and wisdom I was sharing and my online communities grew tenfold.

What does this mean for you?

In any business you have, you can infuse Reiki into it, the benefits are extraordinary!  You don’t have to be a ‘Reiki Practitioner’ offering Reiki to clients to use Reiki powerfully in your business, although if working directly with clients to heal them is your desire, Reiki is a powerful medium for that.

If you want to get to know your intuitive strengths and be proud to use them to help others and be confident in understanding energy and energy healing, then this Reiki course is for you.

Online Self-Study and LIVE call combined Reiki Level I & II Course with 1:1 Attunement and Life and Business Coaching

A blend of self-study online modules and live teaching calls and life and business coaching, you will learn all you need to know about Reiki, plus receiving your own individual online Reiki Attunement to Level I & II, so when it comes to practicing Reiki and using it, you are fully confident in your own unique abilities-to heal yourself and help others too.

Designed to be learned over 8 weeks, you'll get:

❤️ Clarity on your intuitive gifts so that you can know what your strengths are and use them to heal your life and help the lives’ of others

🧡 Healing of your own energy blocks so you can gain more energy, release aches, pain and dis-ease

💛 An individual attunement to activate the Reiki energy for you, so you can start to understand what you feel, sense and understand around energy!

💚 Practice time, creating and using Psychic Synergy, using the Reiki attunement symbols so that you are confident to be able to practice Reiki on your self, friends, family and even to use it in your business, or create a business around it.

💙 A private Facebook community to practice, network and receive coaching and guidance throughout as well as make life long friendships and sisterhoods

💜 Your own Reiki manual to study from and make your own so you can make notes of your lightbulb moments and a-has!

💜 Certification upon completion as a Reiki Level II practitioner so you can start creating a business using Reiki

You’ll also learn how to use Reiki powerfully in your business, whatever it is that you do!

This course will be amazing for you if:

You want to improve your health

You are a mum, wanting to help yourself and your family

You are just embarking on your spiritual journey

You are wanting to strengthen and enhance your intuitive abilities

You are a lightworker wanting to expand your energy healing skills

You are a healer wanting to refresh your Reiki qualification

You are an existing Reiki practitioner wanting to master Distance healing with Reiki

You are Reiki Level I attuned and are ready to step up your Reiki healing abilities to the next level

You are a Copy and Content Creator for soulful entrepreneurs

You are an Oracle and Tarot Card Reader

You are a Business, Health and/or Life Coach

You are an artist

You are an author

You are a therapist

You are a previous Reiki practitioner desiring a refresher of your abilities to use Reiki

You are craving moving your traditional Reiki business into the online world for more freedom and leverage of your time and income 

Here’s what previous students have said about this course:


I loved every part of the Reiki I and II.  As a beginner I wanted to absorb everything and the bite sized videos with the guided audios helped me so much to clarify in my head all the new connections that were happening in my mind, my body and my soul!  

All the golden nuggets that were provided to us through video, audio, the book, the live Q and A calls, the live practices on the calls were all so helpful!

Leila is an amazing being with an amazing energy. A true nurturer of help, energy, healing, knowledge and the willlingnessto provide as much as possible.  Always there to assist our pathway to awareness. 

She embraced all of us in our uniqueness making us feel like we belong! 

Cleopatra Aneroussou, Expert Relationship Coach


My lightbulb moment during the Reiki Level I & II course was realising ‘I can do this!’

When I saw your aura Leila, I was actually blown away and it meant so much to me. ( I managed to suppress the giggles that came with the excitement!)

In that moment I trusted myself and my abilities and I’ve taken that and other things away with me. 

It gave me motivation and a real sense of self worth too, thank you ladies!

Paula Burton, volunteer with the RAF Association and hospitality mentoring young people that are facing challenges. Gym goer, crafter, family and nature lover.

Compared to the Reiki 1 and 2 course I took in person which lasted a day for each course, this course was so much more detailed. The online members area was great as I could learn at my own pace. It lasted a lot longer so I had more time to practice different techniques. On the previous course, the Reiki manual I received was created by the Reiki practitioner and didn't have half the information that is in the Reiki manual for this course. I only learned 1 technique, byosen scanning and was told you can send Reiki from your 3rd eye but didn't actually learn the process of beaming. I didn't have a lot of confidence after the in person Reiki course. After this course I have so much confidence in my abilities and a better relationship with my intuition. I also had so much support during this course that I didn't have with the other ones.

Nicola Stewart, Customer Advisor and proud Mum


Leila makes sure you know your life is in your hands.

You’re not doing anything wrong and all you need to do is transform old belief systems into new ones that serve you into becoming a self-empowered creator and master of your own life by letting go of past traumas and releasing the energy blockages they created within you.

— Tirza Schaefer, Author, Founder of Goddess Reiki

What’s included in the course?

  • 8 x 60 minute weekly group calls for life coaching, business coaching and practical Reiki technique practice, worth $12,000

  • Online self-study area for Reiki level I & II with step by step learning modules, lessons, videos and workbooks, worth $2,000

  • Video demonstrations of in person, distance and remote Reiki healings, worth $3000

  • Lifetime access to the Reiki I & II curriculum and any changes made to the course in the future.

  • Bonus tutorials, learning materials and resources to set you up on your Reiki journey, worth $1000

  • Your own Reiki manual, worth $50


Here's a glimpse of what the course covers


  • You’ll understand why Reiki is a potent way to support your spiritual self-care, so you don’t have to spend hours a day in meditation or doing yoga to feel great.

  • You’ll learn how to set up a powerful spiritual self-care routine for yourself in less than 20 minutes a day.

  • You’ll see how to make spiritual self-care so effective that it becomes hard to separate from your life and business, so you can avoid falling off the spiritual self-care wagon if something else takes priority.



  • You’ll discover your dominant intuitive abilities that you’ve already had so you can get clear on how you will sense and feel energy.

  • You’ll awaken new intuitive abilities you didn’t know you had, so you can confidently support yourself and anyone else with Reiki energy healing in a variety of ways.

  • You’ll understand that everyone feels energy in different ways, so you can help others interpret what they notice in your Reiki healing sessions with others.



  • You’ll learn how to make Reiki energy so easy to activate that it flows naturally and easily when you need it.

  • You’ll learn the Reiki symbols so that you can make your Reiki healing sessions so specific and powerful for yourself and others based on what you and they need.

  • You’ll understand how to integrate and implement Reiki in a method so powerful it changes lives’.



  • You’ll know how to recognise and interpret exactly what you sense and feel with your hands during Reiki so you’ll know exactly how to help and heal yourself.

  • You’ll learn a variety of techniques that will help you to understand how to make Reiki healing specific to your needs and what you would like to heal, so you can super charge your Reiki energy healing abilities.

  • You’ll be given templates, checklists, guided audios and video demonstrations so you can experience the healing techniques directly on yourself to make it easier to remember how to use them for others.


MODULE 5: protecting and managing your own energy as an energy healer so that you stay high vibe

  • You’ll learn how to protect and cleanse your own energy before, during and after healing so you don’t pick up or hold on to negative energy.

  • You’ll discover how to cleanse your business’ energy powerfully so that you attract all the opportunities you and your business deserves.

  • You’ll be taken through the process of clearing your home and spaces with Reiki energy so that you can use this to help your friends, family and clients.


MODULE 6: manifesting magic with reiki energy to create miracles in your life and business

  • You’ll discover how to amplify your money making abilities using Reiki healing so you can invite financial abundance into your life.

  • You’ll learn how to manifest the most incredible soul aligned, soul-mate clients using Reiki so that you can grow your business, whatever it is that you do!

  • You’ll learn how to use Reiki to manifest amazing relationships, romantic partners and friendships so that you can truly live the life of your dreams.


MODULE 7: infusing reiki into every area of your life without effort and hard work

  • You’ll receive instructions on how to use Reiki to increase your visibility and impact in your online marketing posts.

  • You’ll learn how to activate Reiki before you make videos promoting your work so that the right people hear your message at the right time that they need it, leading to more clients and raving fans of your work.

  • You’ll discover how to infuse Reiki into gifts and presents you give to other people so they are wow’d by the ‘power’ those gifts have to help them feel happier and healthier.


Module 8: building your online reiki healing empire

  • You'll learn how to make Reiki healing suit your own unique style so that you stand out from the sea of energy healers as the go-to expert that people pay $$$’s to work with.

  • You discover how to work at a distance with Reiki healing, creating a bigger impact from your work and vision to help others.

  • You’ll learn how to promote your Reiki healing business in a way that feels aligned, inspired and attractive to your soul-mate clients.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m already Reiki I attuned Leila, can I do this course?

In short, yes! Because this is a course designed to take you through your level I and II Reiki attunement, you will not only amplify your original attunement, but also gain new knowledge and experience of working with the Level II Reiki symbols.

When does the course start?

Grow your intuition, heal your life using Reiki Level I & II course runs from May 22nd - July 10th. Classes are at 7pm UK time, 2pm EST, 11am PST. For your timezone, visit

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

With the live calls, you’ll need to devote 2-3 hours a week to learning the Reiki techniques, practicing and using the weekly calls to ask questions and receive coaching and guidance (live or on replay).

Will learning Reiki help me with my money blocks?

Yup. Once you learn the techniques I teach you on this course, you will be able to clear and heal and money blocks that have been holding you back. You’ll even learn how to identify where and how money blocks have come about, if you want to!

I’m Reiki II attuned, but not practicing yet, would this be a useful course for me to do?

If you want to refresh your knowledge of Reiki II so you can help others, or if there is a reason why you are not practicing, such as low confidence and belief in your abilities, then this is the course for you, because I also support you to grow your confidence and believe in your intuitive abilities alongside having lifetime access to all the Level II Reiki techniques.

I’m new to energy, will this course be too complex for me Leila?

It won’t be, because this is a Level I & II Reiki course, alongside life and business coaching, I will take you step by step through understanding what energy is and how it feels, right through to using Reiki as an energy healing modality. I have deliberately designed the Reiki course content to work for all learning styles, meaning that as well as the Reiki manual you will receive, there are video theory tutorials, audio guided meditations, video demonstrations of in person and distance Reiki sessions and downloadable PDF’s and checklists that you can have with you as you practice working with Reiki.

I’m an Advanced Reiki Master, but I’ve lost my mojo, could this course help me get that back?

I hear you! Losing your confidence or joy of using Reiki in your life and work can happen at times and the best thing you could do in that instance is immerse yourself in the support of a course like this-to refresh your knowledge, experience and passion for Reiki. PLUS, as your Intuitive Life and Business Coach, you will also receive coaching, healing and guidance to help you get your mojo back and achieve all you want to with Reiki.

Do I have to be physic to do this course?

No, you don’t have to be psychic to learn about energy and how to use Reiki. Often though, what happens is you grow and develop your intuition and spiritual abilities as you go through the course. As all the methods and techniques are provided for you, you don’t need to know anything about intuition, or spirituality, or energy to take this course.

I don’t plan to use Reiki for anyone else but me - is it worth me doing this course?

This is such a great question! So many of the techniques you learn in this course are AMAZING to help heal yourself with, plus…just putting this out there…the technique I teach you to infuse Reiki into gifts like jewellery, crystals and greetings cards make wonderful ‘bonus’ presents for loved ones with a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’!

What if I can’t attend the Live Calls?

It’s not a problem. Some of our students have not been able to make it to any of the live calls and have still had great success with developing their Reiki healing skills and confidence in their intuition. They have had no issues at all with learning and understanding the materials taught in Grow your intuition, heal your life using Reiki Level I & II. We also have a private online community where you can ask questions and receive support throughout the week. I am very hands on teacher and the community loves to cheer each other on, as well. You can also submit questions in the community that you would like me to answer or coach you on during the live call if you cannot make it live. There are many ways you can still effectively learn the material even if you don’t attend any live calls.

How will learning Reiki help me in my life and business?

How will it not?! Look, I know I am biased, but Reiki helps in so many ways - in your life; releasing stress, amplifying your intuition, manifesting, improving your health, increasing the nutrients your body absorbs - just a few! In your business, Reiki can not only be something your offer directly with clients, but Reiki also helps with manifesting new clients, attracting money, maintaining your energy own levels as a healer or therapist so you can be the best you can be.

Grow your intuition, heal your life using Reiki Level I & II

With Reiki Level I & II Certification

Grow your intuition, heal your life using Reiki Level I & II runs may 22nd - july 10th