Success Stories

Some lovely ladies just like you have some gorgeous things to say about me and working with me... are their success stories!


I’m in such a great place. I’ve done so much personal growth work in 2017, then the RTT session with you Leila, really just capped off SO much for me. 

I still have work to do, of course, but wow! Never felt better... never been more ready to Manifest!!!  

Especially since that IS my word for the year. 

Oh.. and update on that RTT session... I put my resume out there for like 2 whole weeks, had 1 phone interview & 1 “in person” interview with a different company... accepted the job on the spot, start next week!

Rebecca Bollinger Randolph

I have only fairly recently joined Leila’s group, Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health,  and have not looked back. Her genuine care and loving nature paired with a great mix of what she calls “earthbound and woo-woo skills” is formidable to say the least. So after having a great time engaging in her group and meeting many other wonderful women there, I had the great fortune to experience Leila one-on-one in first a business coaching call and a week later in a Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

I’d like to tell you about both of these. The first started with her asking about my business, what I was looking to achieve, what I loved most about it and she also referred to the document I had sent her in advance with two pages of information, ideas and questions I had for her. Leila didn’t just address those. She went way and beyond, explaining many things to me I had not previously known about and gave me some great tips on everything we discussed, how to put these ideas and information into a one coherent plan and also motivated me to believe in myself that I could do it. I came out on a total buzz that lasted a lot longer than a day. It’s a permanent fixture in my life now.

A week later, we had the RTT session during which I asked to address some blockages I had and first, she explained to me how the procedure worked, what would happen and allowed room for questions before we actually began and got down to the nitty-gritty, meaning, I regressed back to my childhood and time in the womb. She guided me gently and with much love, creating a safe emotional space where I could really let myself fall into the experience to get the most out of it. At no point did I feel, I could not trust her all the way and give myself over into her hands entirely. And I am not an overly trusting person by nature when it comes to my deepest, darkest.

Leila is a woman who has no need to make anyone a follower or manipulate anyone into feeling small in order to retain her clients, something I have sadly encountered in the past, so I would like to point out here that the opposite is the case with her. She makes sure, you know, your life is in your hands. You’re not doing anything wrong and all you need to do is transform old belief systems into new ones that serve you into becoming a self-empowered creator and master of your own life by letting go of past traumas and releasing the energy blockages they created within you.

Leila is someone you can trust to have YOUR best interest at heart. She genuinely rejoices with you in every small victory you achieve and motivates you to set the clock to zero and start again when you don’t succeed at the first try or the second. You will be in an emotionally safe and empowering space with her always and the results speak for themselves. I know, I am not the only one who has had great results in working with her in a group or on a one-to-one basis and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is a very special person in the best sense of the word and I am proud to have her in my life as such.

What results have I found since working with Leila?  My pants are loose, I sold 6 print books and 11 kindles, which is huge progress and I am keeping abreast quite easily with my blogging and I am inspired to write no end after experiencing a serious writer's block before.  I also have less backache and I'm able to be at the compter for longer now!

Tirza Schaefer

I cannot believe my new journey with you Leila has finished!  Something drew me towards your page and your positivity, Leila.  

Most people think I am a very resilient, positive happy go lucky person, but I hadn’t realised how I was floundering in my decisions since leaving the NHS full time last year after 40 yrs!  I had 4 weeks of retirement, then went back into a part time job at a surgery with the vulnerable elderly which I love!  But I wanted to follow my true dream of art!  So many decisions, I wasn’t sleeping, I was beginning to feel ill!Leila, you helped me see where I was going, your positivity, your clarity, you made me see what I wanted and needed for myself.  You have reawakened my clarity, order and to follow my gut feelings-that it is ok to say no!!
I have now completed commissions in my art without sleeplessness!  I've said no to a client and I have an amazing project to look forward to next year!
I feel more able to plan my days, make space for work and play and have order in my life! I now use your hypnosis and meditations and I am eating more healthy!
We all need someone to look at how we are from the outside, when we can’t see through the trees!
Thank you so much xxx

Claire Fort

Caroline PEarce - breakthrough client

Caroline PEarce - breakthrough client

'Before working with Leila I had quite low self esteem, very low self worth, a terror of letting people down and some mighty strange issues around money! 

The whole experience has been fantastic. Very professional but also so personal and I know Leila is there for me whenever I need her. The one best thing I've got from working with Leila is the belief in my mission in life - that I too want to help others see that they have a choice - that if there is anything they are not happy about that they too can work on changing it.'

'I just wanted to say how amazing the half hour FREE consultation was. 

 Leila offered me some really good advice and also helped me realise why things hadn't been working. I was really impressed and there was no pressure to have any other treatments, even though I was having a free confidence consultation. 

However, I was so impressed, I visited Leila for a hypnotherapy session. I feel so much better and like a weight has been lifted. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend Leila'

Karen carruthers - breakthrough client

Karen carruthers - breakthrough client

Linda wood - breakthrough client

Linda wood - breakthrough client

 'Hi Leila, I'm doing great now. lost 2 stone since I saw you earlier in the year!  Feeling good, thank you! xxxx'

More Success Stories

'I knew from the very first time I spoke to Leila that I would be able to work with her. My issue was weight management, I have been a yo-yo dieter over the years, whenever I have been stressed I have turned to food for comfort .
Through my hypnotherapy session and back up texts and emails, Leila has helped me enormously.  She is truly inspirational, she has encouraged me to believe in myself and has given me support whenever I have needed it.
I was doing very well and starting to lose weight and feel good about myself, however, I became ill, only minor problems, but it unfortunately knocked me off track.
I then had another hypnotherapy session with Leila, all within my first program and I came out feeling strong, positive, motivated and had an air of "I am enough" about me.  Leila had done it again.  She is "amazing!"
I am back on track and feeling great .
Thank you Leila'

Jenny Shuttleworth

'My background is within the corporate world, in customer care and service, but when I connected with Leila, I was burned out, tired of working long hours and having no energy when I got home each day.  I knew I was being pulled to do something more holistic and health related, so I had been studying some modalities that fascinated me, but I wasn't sure how I could use them to earn an income because I had no spare time and I needed the income from my job.  

Leila helped me recharge my batteries, physically, emotionally and mentally and helped me see that my purpose is to help others.  Even though this is what I was doing in my corporate job, I knew deep down that there had to be a better way for me to connect with helping others in a more meaningful and satisfying way.  She showed me how I could use pockets of time to first build up my business alongside my job, to the point where within 3 months, I was able to reduce my working hours and spend more time growing my own online business on a bigger scale and to a consistent point where in 6 months, I was able to step away from my full time job! 

Now I am working the hours I want to and really having an impact on others' lives in the most positive ways!'

Sarah H

'When I came across Leila's free hypnosis for beating your food addictions, losing weight, stopping your aches and pains and getting more confidence, I was attracted by the thought that hypnosis may be a way forward for me in my weight loss journey.  When it came to my health and fitness, my get up and go had got up and gone!!  I was worried that it wouldn't work for people as big as me, but Leila's soothing voice talking to me as if I mattered took away those worries.   As soon as I listened, I got up at 6am the next day and took the dog on an hour walk!!! It's normally once around the block.'

Liz McLean

'Both my mental and physical health has not been in a good way for some time now. Since I have started working with Leila, both have seen some improvements. I have still got a way to go until I am where I want to be but Leila will stop at nothing to get me there. I feel very supported at all times from her.

I felt embarrassed telling someone about my situation. It's not something I would talk to just anyone about but I felt comfortable enough to open up to Leila.

I have been very well supported throughout my journey with Leila. She messages me regularly to ask how I am doing and I have been able to be honest with her if I do not find one of her techniques are working for me. She will always give me new techniques to try and I definitely feel like I have come to the right person for help. I am confident by the end of my journey she will have helped me conquer my problems.

My diet has changed without me really noticing. I am generally eating healthier foods and also only eating when I am hungry as opposed to through boredom/comfort. So far I have lost a stone and that's the most I've ever managed to lose! I'm confident my new eating habits will eventually get me back to the size I once was and am longing to be again.'  

Beth P.

'Before I got in touch with Leila, my health was reasonable but I lacked motivation and direction.  I asked myself 'was it going to work?  Did I believe in hypnotherapy?  Do I really want to discuss my personal life with some one I didn't know?' But my reservations soon disappeared, I feel relaxed and comfortable with Leila, she is understanding and positive about my difficulties-there is always a positive when I say something negative.  Leila has done everything she said she would.  I can see things differently, I'm feeling better, more motivated and able to accept I cant change things that have already happened, but I can move on with those thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

Leila has been so supportive and helpful.  I still have a long way to go but I do wake up each day now feeling positive and able to face the day.  She is always there if I have a query.
I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but 2 sessions in....I can't wait for more coaching!  Thank you Leila xx'  

Fiona R.

'I was very stressed and had problems with back pain. 

Although initially, I did not think I had any reservations about working with Leila, I've realised now that actually, I did not want to admit to myself or anyone I was stressed in case that was admitting I could not cope.

Working with Leila has been one of the most positive things I have ever done learning about myself and that I'm enough and that I can do anything I put my mind to.'

 Anonymous - BDBTT VIP Client

Before speaking to Leila, I did not feel at all well.  I was barely coping with everyday things like meals, my mind was permanently on my fears.  I had no reservations whatsoever as I fully trust the people who recommended Leila and I felt comfortable as soon as I met her.  Overall, the Breakthrough session I received was a very rewarding experience and being able to listen to the recording I was given just makes me even more confident.  

I have now slept without any problems and I feel much more relaxed and not fearful anymore.   I have also not needed to take the medication to help me sleep and that makes me happy.  I met Leila for the first time and felt safe and comfortable in her company.  She was extremely professional and I knew I was going to come away feeling much better about myself.  I was amazed at the amount of issues that came out without realising how they had been bothering me.  You are such a clever lady Leila, thank you so much .

Margaret Spring - Breakthrough Client

'Before working with Leila at all, I was struggling with health issues, after my initial hypno session those issues have improved dramatically, but my weight continued to be a problem which is why I decided to visit Leila again to focus on this.  Leila is brilliant-she's so supportive and positive-she has helped me bring to fruition what I want to be. 

The one best result I've had since working with Leila is energy!  

I feel so confident that I can and will achieve my goal of weight loss with Leila's input. I have gone so far since first seeking Leila's help-she is an amazing person!'

 Anonymous - Transformation client

'I had previously lost 2 stone, but due to illness, 12lbs crept back on. Once better I struggled to lose the weight again. I had a complimentary phone consultation with Leila which was so useful. Leila gave me visualisations to do and several habits to think about. I've been checking in every week and I'm proud to say I'm down 13lbs and feel superb.  I'm at my lowest weight for a long time and feeling happy, healthy, confident and strong thanks to Leila's support.'  

Alison A.

'When I saw the chance to download Leila's complimentary hypnosis for losing weight, my health was very bad and that is why I needed the help.  My fitness is not good as I have aches and pains.  It is so good that Leila shares this for free.  I find that when I listen to the recording I did not feel the need to look for food all day.  The download is brilliant and I listen to it every day and has helped me so much!'  

Helen B.

'Before speaking with Leila, I was often tearful, felt low in mood and comfort ate regularly.  I also slept a lot more than I do now.  I had no reservations about claiming my free call, I had read other testimonials, seen Leila's picture and knew she didn't have 2 heads!  I had also done my investigations to see if she was reputable and she was.  

It's been good to have something to think about that is FOR ME and that is so positive.  I have felt as if Leila is genuinely interested in me. I have felt supported and encouraged.

Most of all I feel as if Leila has brought out the REAL me, it's just that it's been squashed and trampled down by so much that's happened over years, I had forgotten whats in there.
So Thankyou seems barely adequate.'  

Anonymous - Free Confidential Call Client

'I had a free telephone consultation initially with Leila, which was very interesting and thought provoking.  Leila convinced me that she would be able to help me, I really found comfort in what Leila was saying and knew immediately that I wanted to work with her as I had every faith in what she was saying.  

Prior to that call, I was very sluggish, low in my mood and fed up with the extra weight I was carrying.  

I didn't have any reservations after speaking to Leila during the telephone conversation.  I was booked in for a hypnotherapy session and this went very well and I came out feeling great about myself and ready to begin a different regime.  Leila was inspirational.  It has been amazing, I have felt so much better about myself from the first session, the hypnotherapy was powerful for me and has helped me to understand where the unhealthy eating patterns have come from, eating always for comfort.

Leila has given me so much support.  I have known that Leila is only a text message or an email away if ever I have struggled.  She has pursued my plight which is fantastic for me to know that she is there in the background wanting to know that I am ok (amazing).

And yes I have struggled with illness which knocked me back but Leila has been there to pick up the pieces and help/motivate me to get back on track.  

The best result so far for me has been the belief in myself that Leila has helped me with and I know that I can do this so the overriding benefit for me is that I have the confidence to move forward with this.

Even though I came with a weight issue I have also been able to fly twice and use the underground.  Previously I was suffering from claustrophobia.'

Jenny S.

'I took up Leila's offer of a free half hour telephone consultation. I initially wanted to talk about issues with yo-yo dieting, but Leila was so easy to talk to, so encouraging and so genuine I quickly offloaded a lot of things that were burdening me. I will always be grateful to Leila for suggesting we talk again and for the helpful affirmations she gave me in that first conversation. I remember feeling a little exhausted but a LOT lighter, and it helped knowing somebody cared about me!'  

Anonymous - Free Confidential Call Client

'Before booking my free 'Beat your Food Addictions, Lose Weight, Stop Aches & Pains and Get more Confidence' call with Leila, I was struggling with my weight, which in turn impacted on my health.  I find Leila very supportive and easy to talk to and the call gave me focus and direction.  I loved the advice I was given on the call and I am feeling more hydrated already.  Leila is an amazing person, who is very supportive and has true empathy when talking to her.  She is very understanding, kind and caring and explains and discusses things in a way that is understandable and achievable. Giving advice and help that things will get done in a manner that will suit you.

I am looking forward getting back on track with my health, weight and mobility with the guidance I have been given by Leila.'  

Sue W.

'Before booking my free 'Beat your Food Addictions, Lose Weight, Stop Aches & Pains and Get more Confidence' call with Leila, my health was serious illness just no energy and back fitness was non-existent.  

I had no reservations at all-Leila is very experienced and knowledgeable and very patient.  I got exactly what I needed on the call and from the advice she gave me, I especially liked what she said about facing fears, eating healthy and childhood problems.  

The one best result I've got from the call is going back to my childhood needs and addressing them.  

I had an amazing conversation with Leila, she made me realise how abuse at a young age can change your life forever and how to see the triggers and take back control. 

Thanks a million.'  

Allyson T.

'Hi Leila, just wanted to let you know that I've been listening to your trance and it's great!  I lost half a stone in two weeks. Thanks for making me feel so good.'

'I've lost another five lbs this week!!  I really feel for the first time that this may be permanent.'  

Yvonne B.

'I've tried lots of diets and none have lasted-it made life hard because I couldn't get clothes to fit and look nice. Leila made me feel so welcome from the moment I met her, she is amazing, encouraging, always there to help on good and bad days-she is truly a life changing person.

The one best result other than being healthier and happier, is that I've found that I am enough.

Since having hypnotherapy-well, I'm calmer, more relaxed, I realised that emotional eating, pain, hate, regret, all eats away at your soul. Figuring out where my problem lies has meant that I can make long term changes to my eating habits, I've been amazed to find I don't fancy eating chocolate and forget all about it for weeks-none of it has been a conscious decision, I just don't want it.

The recording Leila made for me has helped change my attitude. The past is not who I am-it's my attitude now that defines who I am. Leila has given me all this knowledge.

I am enough.

Thank you Leila so much.'  

Sarah - Transformation Client

'I got in touch with Leila because I wanted to eat healthier, drink a bit less and feel more confident.

After one 90 minute session, I experienced a few shifts.  I decided to wear red shoes, which I never knew I had!  I left half a scone without realising until a friend pointed it out.  Although I did feel a bit rough after the hypnotherapy session, I felt great the day after.  I listen to the recording Leila has given me every day.  

Things are changing!  Thank you Leila!'  

Linda W.

Before visiting Leila, I had poor health, I was very stressed and I could not wait for the appointment-I trusted Leila immediately.  

The Breakthrough Session has given me more confidence and made me look at things differently.  I have learned not to fear my nightmares; they are in the past and so are a lot of my other issues, I feel much happier and look at things in a more positive way.  I am very pleased I came to you for help you are a very clever person Leila and I would recommend you to anyone with issues like I had.  I listen to the hypnosis recording every night and I find it helpful.

Anonymous - Breakthrough Client

'Hi Leila, I bet you're a busy lady now!  Just an update...well, where do I start? ...loving my recording, I listen every day...still getting this great feeling of well being too....which is very encouraging...really feels like something is happening....I'm in control of my eating, drinking is amazing...not bothered at all, but don't feel denied's there if I want it...?...Really praising hypnotherapy to friends, if they ask....and, just feel different...can't explain it, I feel like I'm every other happy person, I felt I was missing out on something, but now I have it....hard to describe, but so much calmer, content and yet excited!  Sending love and a hug, and I am truly grateful to you'  

Linda, Lincs.

'My health before working with Leila was very poor.  I suffer with Fibromyalgia, Asthma and Osteoarthritis, amongst a few other issues.  

I had no reservations about working with Leila, and working with her on the Gold Breakthrough programme has been amazing- like a total new beginning, getting rid of old constraints, finding energy and enthusiasm to renew myself. 

There are so many benefits I have had after just one session; but the initial primary physical one would have to be joints-my joints are stronger, more flexible and without pain. The overall result is renewal-of body and mind.'  

Anthea - Breakthrough Client

Other benefits have been: 

  • Straightened fingers-I've been able to drive for half an hour without stiffness and pain which previously meant I had to keep wiggling and flexing my fingers.
  • My shoulder is now able to support my weight (when on all fours) so I can do yoga moves and positions which I had to give up several years ago as my shoulder hurt too much.
  • My neck moves more easily-it always crackled and cracked with arthritis.
  • My shoulders are naturally back more and chest feels 'open' so breathing easier-I felt this immediately after my session with Leila.
  • I have a general feeling of being more alive, awake, alert, more energy-Fibromyalgia had made me feel often in a 'fog', lethargic and needing lots of sleep.

'Before I was recommended to Leila, I was emotionally drained, I allowed stress to get on top of me, I was a mess each day and if I'm honest, I didn't know how to cope with life in general.  I was short with my husband and my daughter and I smoked and drank a fair bit.  I was also worried about work and money.

Since working with Leila as a Breakthrough member, I have become more positive and have more energy.  It has been challenging, emotional and truthful, all in a positive way.

I have changed my job role, we are currently buying a house, my relationship with my family has improved massively.  I have also stopped smoking and reduced drinking to only at social events and not as much.

I can not thank you enough for all of your help Leila.  You have changed my life and each day, I have a smile on my face which is so natural.  Thank you.'  Anna E.

'Before working with Leila, my health was average, I was overweight but physically just okay, I lacked motivation. I wasn't in control of my eating, drinking and had poor self-worth. 

I was intrigued to work with Leila, apprehensive but knew I wanted to try hypnotherapy as I recognised I had past issues that were stopping me feeling good about myself. I believed in hypnotherapy, I hadn't tried it, but I was interested in tapping into my subconscious, a way I hadn't approached. 

I was nervous the first session, but as I listened to my recording every day I began to relax into it, to believe in myself more, and found I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and try more things. I actually looked forward to my 30 minute relaxing recording each day. I enjoyed hearing her voice and still do!  The whole thing has motivated me, I've joined a slimming club to get healthy nutrition advice, I walk 15 minutes daily, I go on my exercise bike most days, and I feel more confident, happier, in control and focused. 

So, the one thing I've got out of this eat healthier, to exercise regularly, to love myself, to take care of me....Leila has helped me so much, to help myself.'  

Linda W.

'I was suffering from constant pain in my leg, I limped and had a low quality of life, all due to a horse riding accident years ago.  The damage prevented me from enjoying the sport again.  

I had no reservations about working with Leila, she came recommended and had helped lots of people I knew.

Working with Leila has been an inspiration-she has not only given me a 100% improvement physically, but emotionally too, her approach is so positive!

The best feelings in the world are being able to ride my horse again without fear of days of pain, everyday things are so much easier and I'm pain free and upright!'  

Jane Hampson.

'I have struggled with low self esteem since childhood and as a result have always found difficulty in seeing or accepting positive things about myself and my life. Prior to hypnotherapy with Leila, I was at times very fearful and struggled with anxiety and panic. This coupled with chronic joint pain, affected my ability to sleep and to concentrate during the day. Fear of the deteriorating joint condition was feeding the negative cycle and at work I felt increasingly affected by feelings of being unable to cope, particularly in situations involving conflict or argument.

I was a hypno-sceptic. My only direct experience of hypnotherapy was at a group event, which had absolutely no effect on me. I had read many self help books and tried meditation and various therapies but hypnotherapy is not something I would ever have considered were it not for my friendship with Leila. I had no pre-conceived expectations but decided to keep an open mind and put my total trust in her, believing that if Leila could help me to turn around my negative outlook and improve my mindset, she would be able to help anyone.Leila encouraged me to discuss my priorities and set outcomes for the therapy. She listened and explored and understood straight away that in simple terms I was "fearful of being fearful".

Hypnotherapy is not how I imagined it to be. I experienced it as a deep relaxation and felt present throughout as Leila counted me down unseen steps into my consciousness and my distant memories. I was able to recall early childhood fears clearly and then later, to be able to physically draw some of them to look at and dismiss them so they no longer controlled me. Leila recorded the hypnotic suggestion which I played at bedtime to help with the fear and insomnia and if I woke up I would play it again.

My panic disappeared almost immediately but I still had some issues around feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough, so 2 months later, Leila did a top up session where we looked more specifically at childhood memories around being alone and being in trouble. I had also been struggling for over two weeks with pelvic pain, requiring analgesia in the night so Leila talked me through a healing hypnosis with quite dramatic results. I felt significant releases and shivers at the time, results which continued the next day with a detox effect so dramatic that my clothes felt looser by lunch time and when I weighed myself at tea time I had lost 5 lbs in 24 hours! My pelvic pain had gone and I could sit cross legged for the first time in years.

There have been so many positives from working with Leila, from understanding where my problems came from, to feeling I can let go and move forward but if I have to pick the single best result, it has to be:  Finally understanding that being me IS good enough...and finding myself smiling alone!

Thank you so much Leila'

 Helen W.

'Before working with Leila, I was overweight and emotionally, I had no motivation or belief in myself.  I am an emotional eater and I think that my weight is to do with how I felt.  I always felt unloveable, unloved and not good enough.  I have felt like this for most of my life.

I had no reservations about working with Leila, after I had a free call with her.  On arrival and throughout the session, I was always comfortable and everything was explained clearly.

It's been an amazing experience, from the first telephone conversation to the Breakthrough Session I had.  I left feeling so light, like a weight had been lifted.  I now know I AM GOOD ENOUGH and always will be.  I am looking forward to listening to my session again and again.

The best result has been finding out why I felt like I did and where it all started.  All those negative memories have gone and will no longer hold me back.  

Thank you so much Leila, as I know I can now move forward confidently!'  

Karen Carruthers

'Prior to working with Leila, I was very stressed and had problems with back pain.  I did not have any reservations about working with Leila as such, but it's only retrospectively that I realised I did not want to admit to myself or anyone I was stressed in case that was admitting I could not cope.

Working with Leila with Massage, Pilates and Hypnotherapy has been one of the most positive things I have ever done - learning about myself and that I'm enough and that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I am able to be honest with myself and this is allowing me to take much better care of myself, which is improving my health so much!'  

Tiffany - Transformation Client

'Before working with Leila, using Hypnotherapy and Massage, I was generally okay, with a few aches and pains which is why I started having massages.

I didn't have any reservations about visiting Leila for these treatments as had visited her before several years ago when I had another health issue which she helped with.  From start to finish, I always find Leila very friendly, welcoming and approachable.  The whole process has been fantastic, its help me relax and look into different areas of help and ways to resolve things.  

Since visiting I definitely feel calmer.  Now I just go purely for relaxation.'  

Paula A.

'Both my mental and physical health has not been in a good way for some time now. Since I have started working with Leila, both have seen some improvements. I have still got a way to go until I am where I want to be, but Leila will stop at nothing to get me there. I feel very supported at all times from her.

I felt embarrassed telling someone about my situation. It's not something I would talk to just anyone about but I felt comfortable enough to open up to Leila. I have been very well supported throughout my journey with Leila. She messages me regularly to ask how I am doing.  She will always give me new techniques to try and I definitely feel like I have come to the right person for help.  I am confident by the end of my journey she will have helped me conquer my problems.  

The one best thing I've noticed since working with Leila is that my diet has changed without me really noticing. I am generally eating healthier foods and also only eating when I am hungry as opposed to through boredom/comfort.  So far I have lost a stone and that's the most I've ever managed to lose!  I'm confident my new eating habits will eventually get me back to the size I once was and am longing to be again.'  

Beth P.

'Before booking a free beat your food addictions, lose weight, stop your aches and pains and get more confidence call with Leila, my health and fitness was stagnant.  

On the call, I got the feeling that someone fully understood my situation and needs.  I liked the advice on the call, especially the understanding of Leila, her knowledge of my needs and positivity of going forward, even when my weight went up, instead of down, she was there applying logic and experience.

 With many health issues and age against me I felt very negative about being able to change my weight and outlook on life.

From the first conversation with Leila, her knowledge and compassionate understanding of my situation, this changed me to thinking positive and without a lot of changes hopefully move forwards towards my goals.'

Margaret Jarvis


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