Leila makes sure you know your life is in your hands. You’re not doing anything wrong and all you need to do is transform old belief systems into new ones that serve you into becoming a self-empowered creator and master of your own life by letting go of past traumas and releasing the energy blockages they created within you.
— Tirza Schaefer

Happy Clients


I’m in such a great place. I’ve done so much personal growth work in 2017, then the RTT session with you Leila, really just capped off SO much for me. 

I still have work to do, of course, but wow! Never felt better... never been more ready to Manifest!!!  

Especially since that IS my word for the year. 

Oh.. and update on that RTT session... I put my resume out there for like 2 whole weeks, had 1 phone interview & 1 “in person” interview with a different company... accepted the job on the spot, start next week!

Rebecca Bollinger Randolph

Something drew me towards your page and your positivity, Leila.  

Most people think I am a very resilient, positive happy go lucky person, but I hadn’t realised how I was floundering in my decisions since leaving the NHS full time last year after 40 yrs!  I had 4 weeks of retirement, then went back into a part time job at a surgery with the vulnerable elderly which I love!  But I wanted to follow my true dream of art!  So many decisions, I wasn’t sleeping, I was beginning to feel ill!  

Leila, you helped me see where I was going, your positivity, your clarity, you made me see what I wanted and needed for myself.  You have reawakened my clarity, order and to follow my gut feelings-that it is ok to say no!!
I have now completed commissions in my art without sleeplessness!  I've said no to a client and I have an amazing project to look forward to next year!
I feel more able to plan my days, make space for work and play and have order in my life! I now use your hypnosis and meditations and I am eating more healthy!
We all need someone to look at how we are from the outside, when we can’t see through the trees!
Thank you so much xxx

— Claire Fort

Before working with Leila I had quite low self esteem, very low self worth, a terror of letting people down and some mighty strange issues around money! 

The whole experience has been fantastic. Very professional but also so personal and I know Leila is there for me whenever I need her. The one best thing I've got from working with Leila is the belief in my mission in life - that I too want to help others see that they have a choice - that if there is anything they are not happy about that they too can work on changing it.

— caroline pearce

Before speaking to Leila, I did not feel at all well.  I was barely coping with everyday things like meals, my mind was permanently on my fears.  I had no reservations whatsoever as I fully trust the people who recommended Leila and I felt comfortable as soon as I met her.  Overall, the therapy I received was a very rewarding experience and being able to listen to the recording I was given just makes me even more confident.  

I have now slept without any problems and I feel much more relaxed and not fearful anymore.   I have also not needed to take the medication to help me sleep and that makes me happy.  I met Leila for the first time and felt safe and comfortable in her company.  She was extremely professional and I knew I was going to come away feeling much better about myself.  I was amazed at the amount of issues that came out without realising how they had been bothering me.  You are such a clever lady Leila, thank you so much .

— margaret spring

Since joining Leila’s group, Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health,  and have not looked back.  Her genuine care and loving nature paired with a great mix of what she calls “earthbound and woo-woo skills” is formidable to say the least. So after having a great time engaging in her group and meeting many other wonderful women there, I had the great fortune to experience Leila one-on-one in first a business coaching call and a week later in a Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

I’d like to tell you about both of these. The first started with her asking about my business, what I was looking to achieve, what I loved most about it and she also referred to the document I had sent her in advance with two pages of information, ideas and questions I had for her. Leila didn’t just address those. She went way and beyond, explaining many things to me I had not previously known about and gave me some great tips on everything we discussed, how to put these ideas and information into a one coherent plan and also motivated me to believe in myself that I could do it. I came out on a total buzz that lasted a lot longer than a day. It’s a permanent fixture in my life now.

A week later, we had the RTT session during which I asked to address some blockages I had and first, she explained to me how the procedure worked, what would happen and allowed room for questions before we actually began and got down to the nitty-gritty, meaning, I regressed back to my childhood and time in the womb. She guided me gently and with much love, creating a safe emotional space where I could really let myself fall into the experience to get the most out of it. At no point did I feel, I could not trust her all the way and give myself over into her hands entirely. And I am not an overly trusting person by nature when it comes to my deepest, darkest.

Leila is a woman who has no need to make anyone a follower or manipulate anyone into feeling small in order to retain her clients, something I have sadly encountered in the past, so I would like to point out here that the opposite is the case with her. She makes sure, you know, your life is in your hands. You’re not doing anything wrong and all you need to do is transform old belief systems into new ones that serve you into becoming a self-empowered creator and master of your own life by letting go of past traumas and releasing the energy blockages they created within you.

Leila is someone you can trust to have YOUR best interest at heart. She genuinely rejoices with you in every small victory you achieve and motivates you to set the clock to zero and start again when you don’t succeed at the first try or the second. You will be in an emotionally safe and empowering space with her always and the results speak for themselves. I know, I am not the only one who has had great results in working with her in a group or on a one-to-one basis and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is a very special person in the best sense of the word and I am proud to have her in my life as such.

What results have I found since working with Leila?  My pants are loose, I sold 6 print books and 11 kindles, which is huge progress and I am keeping abreast quite easily with my blogging and I am inspired to write no end after experiencing a serious writer's block before.  I also have less backache and I'm able to be at the compter for longer now!

- Tirza Schaefer


Before speaking with Leila, I was often tearful, felt low in mood and comfort ate regularly.  I also slept a lot more than I do now.  I had no reservations about claiming my free call, I had read other testimonials, seen Leila's picture and knew she didn't have 2 heads!  I had also done my investigations to see if she was reputable and she was.  

It's been good to have something to think about that is FOR ME and that is so positive.  I have felt as if Leila is genuinely interested in me. I have felt supported and encouraged.

Most of all I feel as if Leila has brought out the REAL me, it's just that it's been squashed and trampled down by so much that's happened over years, I had forgotten whats in there.
So Thankyou seems barely adequate. 

— anonymous


I had a free telephone consultation initially with Leila, which was very interesting and thought provoking.  I knew Leila would be able to help me, I really found comfort in what Leila was saying and knew immediately that I wanted to work with her as I had every faith in what she was saying.  

Prior to that call, I was very sluggish, low in my mood and fed up with the extra weight I was carrying.  

I didn't have any reservations after speaking to Leila during the telephone conversation.  I was booked in for a hypnotherapy session and this went very well and I came out feeling great about myself and ready to begin a different regime.  Leila was inspirational.  It has been amazing, I have felt so much better about myself from the first session, the hypnotherapy was powerful for me and has helped me to understand where the unhealthy eating patterns have come from, eating always for comfort.
Leila has given me so much support.  I have known that Leila is only a text message or an email away if ever I have struggled.  She has pursued my plight which is fantastic for me to know that she is there in the background wanting to know that I am ok (amazing).

The best result so far for me has been the belief in myself that Leila has helped me with and I know that I can do this so the overriding benefit for me is that I have the confidence to move forward with this.
Even though I came with a weight issue I have also been able to fly twice and use the underground.  Previously I was suffering from claustrophobia.

— jenny shuttleworth

Before I was recommended to Leila, I was emotionally drained, I allowed stress to get on top of me, I was a mess each day and if I'm honest, I didn't know how to cope with life in general.  I was short with my husband and my daughter and I smoked and drank a fair bit.  I was also worried about work and money.

Since working with Leila as a Breakthrough member, I have become more positive and have more energy.  It has been challenging, emotional and truthful, all in a positive way.

I have changed my job role, we are currently buying a house, my relationship with my family has improved massively.  I have also stopped smoking and reduced drinking to only at social events and not as much.

I can not thank you enough for all of your help Leila.  You have changed my life and each day, I have a smile on my face which is so natural.  Thank you.

— anna evans

I have struggled with low self esteem since childhood and as a result have always found difficulty in seeing or accepting positive things about myself and my life.  I was at times very fearful and struggled with anxiety and panic. This coupled with chronic joint pain, affected my ability to sleep and to concentrate during the day. Fear of the deteriorating joint condition was feeding the negative cycle and at work I felt increasingly affected by feelings of being unable to cope, particularly in situations involving conflict or argument.

Leila listened and explored and understood straight away that in simple terms I was "fearful of being fearful".

My panic disappeared almost immediately but I still had some issues around feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough, so Leila looked more specifically at childhood memories around being alone and being in trouble.  

There have been so many positives from working with Leila, from understanding where my problems came from, to feeling I can let go and move forward but if I have to pick the single best result, it has to be:  Finally understanding that being me IS good enough...and finding myself smiling alone!

Thank you so much Leila

— helen w


I had an Akashic Records Reading yesterday with Leila Hardy and all I can say is WOW!!!!

I didn't know what to expect.  It was around 'confidence', so I picked that I have confidence issue around 'selling'.  The guidance and clarity I received around this issue was amazing and to see how it has been impacting other areas of my life.

I'm still in awe of the experience and especially with Leila, she is such a kind hearted soul, which you can feel even over the internet.   She definitely has a gift - I highly recommend, if anyone has been on the fence, to reach out to Leila you won't regret it!!! Thanks again Leila!!!

Nishi bahl


Ohhhh last night I had my Akashic records reading from Leila Hardy and it was amazing!!! 

She made me feel so comfortable...as I am working on my video call fear ( lol) i really need to have a good feeling about doing one... And with Leila it was like YES let's do this... This feels good... And I got picked for the reading... 

It was emotional, which is a good sign for me ... It was so accurate... It was such a confirmation... 

I know I am on the right path...that I am just where I need to be and Taking the right steps.... 

That i am here to spread light and love and happiness in the form of art... That I let people reconnect with their creativity, their inner child and how that makes them feel.... That my program is totally aligned... 

That I have something special with water.... 
And just yesterday I felt the urge to paint a powerful water piece with a whale.... With a gorgeous message.... Whaaaaaaaat????? Confirmation! 

I know where to focus on... I know it will only get better and better... I love the details I heard and it is going to be so exciting! 

Oh and just as we hang up... I received an email that is going to be awesome for my art & clay painted bowls..... when I looked up it was 21.21
Confirmation after confirmation 

This was my first Akashic records reading and I am sure I will do more in the future! 

If you want one go to Leila, she is amazing!! 

Thank you SO much Leila!

nanda boukes

This morning I had my Akashic Record Reading with Leila

 The session was amazing, emotional, enlightening, beautiful and reassuring.   After the session I felt a feeling of relief like this weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I have had the most positive, productive and yet calming day following my session.   I would recommend this to all my friends and family.   Leila is amazing at what she does and the skills she possess are mind blowing.   Thank you so much Leila.

rebecca stephenson

Today I had an Akashic Record Reading with Leila Hardy...
I love her energy...full of love and support!! She took me on a meditation to connect to my heart space and then she read the akashic records to see what was going on in my energy..after the meditation I felt very relaxed and got the guidance for my next steps forward!! She is very patient and explains every thing in detail.
I would suggest her for akashic records reading..if you want to find out what is blocking you and how to move past that, you will be thankful to the Universe for a session with her!!

Hibah ansari