Does Your Inner Child Need an Upgrade?

🌀Are you stuck in self-sabotage cycles?

🌀Is overwhelm, anxiety and low self-esteem affecting your life, health and happiness?

🌀Do you give up too easily or tell yourself you don't have the time?

If these are uncomfortable to answer, your inner child is rebelling big time!! 

Your inner child believes they don't deserve success, whatever 'success' means to you

They need to be heard in order to allow them to release the hold they have on you

Do you want to feel:





💜Driven to achieve your health and happiness goals

Then I'd love to invite you to my 'Upgrade your Inner Child' 3 part online mini-course!  It's self-paced, so you can work through the transformation at your own pace.

In this interactive mini-course you will:

👩‍👧Explore how your inner child is playing with your grown-up reality today and get to know them

👨‍👦Identify exactly when, where, how and why your inner child started to behave like it does

👩‍👦Upgrade your inner child and start to have them running in the same direction as you...towards your dreams and goals-hand in hand!

This 3 part online mini-course will:

💎Inject excitement in to your goals

💎Maximise your own incredible mind power to change your reality

💎Induce creativity, desire and action to have everything you want

💎Remove fear of failure

💎Eliminate fear of success

💎Eradicate childhood limiting beliefs

You can book your spot on the mini-course for only $498 below!

Here's a little about the how:

You'll be experiencing:

  • Groundbreaking Hypnotherapy Techniques
  • Powerful Visualisations
  • Healing Activations
  • Meditation
  • Life and Health Coaching for every dimension of your being.


  • FREE Chakra Balancing Meditation (worth $77)
  • Healment™ Activations aligned with the Inner Child Upgrade (worth $750)
  • Email access to me throughout the duration of the course to assist you with your transformation ($$$$)

What people are saying about the Upgrade your Inner Child Mini-Course

My initial thought was that I wanted to be confident in going into new situations and doing new things, with the addition of wanting to be able to eat healthily and become the weight I want to be while maintaining focus! 
The rapid change of my inner child within that first session visualisation of cute and giggly at about 3 years old to scared and hiding at 7 yrs was a surprise to me and over the course my inner child has become so much more confident as have all of my 'selves'. My inner child gave me a bubble of lightness, brightness and balance and a golden glowing heart of bravery and told me to keep going, getting more confident. I feel taller, more confident, glowing from the inside, not responsible for the wellbeing of others but know I can enlighten them and help them to fly if they choose to come with me.
I learnt to dance and then to fly - my inner child is reassured that she's precious and I'll always be there to guide, support and encourage her and my ego is happy to go along with me, trusting that my adult self is there for support. Amazing transformations going on over just 3 days!!! 
Leila - as I said in session, you intuitively know the questions to ask, the nudges which are needed and when, in order to further my development - all done in such a loving supportive way. The group feeling was such a boost too as we developed individually but together. Quite simply, I'm glowing! 💗💖🌞 😘 xx

AB, Lincolnshire

I wanted to be able to help my inner child feel loved and wanted, as I know that is something that needed sorting. I loved being able to support her and listen to her share how she was feeling, but I think what was surprising was how her being unhapy was affecting my life in so many ways.  I overate and always rubbish, I got bored easily and used to procarstinate and never get things done. This was because my inner child was scared of upsetting someone, if she did something well or not so well!  Either way it was a loss for her.  I was always anxious and fearful before this.

Since doing the course I have been calmer and if I start to doubt myself, I remember my little girl and reassure her she is loved.  This has really helped me stay more focussed and feel happier about my life and where I am now going. This course has helped me and my inner child start working together to get the life we both deserve, whilst both feeling happy and loved.  

I will definitely keep talking to my little girl, reassuring her and also asking if she has any advice. I loved all of the sessions and would recommend this course to anyone who would like to feel happier in their lives. Thank you so much Leila Hardy xx

KC, Lincoln

 I had already had the benefit of working with you for 6 weeks during bootcamp Leila, so was not sure I really needed to do another 3 days but decided to give it a go.

I continue to be in awe of your insight , understanding and compassion.

The group of lovely ladies all had different reasons and needs for wanting to upgrade their inner child but through the golden thread you were able to connect us and helped us understand we were there to support each other towards our common goal.

You were able to bring comfort and calm to all of us. I adore the visualisations. I never want them to end and can't wait to listen to them again tomorrow on the replay. I knew my inner child was sad and I knew why but didn't know how to comfort her.  Over the 3 days you gently taught us to go into our heart space and bring her in there with us.  Having access to that beautiful safe container means I can go there with her whenever I feel I need to now. She no longer needs to carry the shame and sadness. No longer needs to feel scared and different.

I really feel so happy in myself and so does she.

Thank you Leila I really wish you could give everyone this treatment on prescription, It is better than any drug invented 💚💚

JHR, Grimsby

At the beginning of this short journey, I was at a place where I was a little apprehensive about delving into the depths of my childhood and dragging a lot of painful memories up.  I needn't have worried...with gentle guidance from Leila and knowing that the other ladies had got my back, it was the most uplifting experience!  With the extra coaching from Leila to finally release (I believe I have) all those bitter feelings of blame, anger and loneliness I experiencing a new found freedom.  I feel comforted that my inner child is now happy and I know if ever I'm feeling down, we can support one another through it. 

Although it was a relatively short journey, I feel like I have travelled so far.

I would like to thank you ladies and the wonderful Leila of course for being so open and injecting humour into what could have been quite a tense time. I've loved every moment!💜

RC, Lincolnshire